Patio Furniture Buyers’ Guide: When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture

Rohan Mathew

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Summer is the best time for barbeques and backyard parties, and you might need to shape up your outdoor space with exotic furniture. Summer is the best time to have a fun backyard; is it the best time to buy patio furniture too? If you are a frugal buyer, you must need a patio furniture buyer’s guide regarding the best time to buy the furniture.

Find out when is the best time to buy patio furniture and when you will get the best deals. 

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The best time to buy patio furniture

According to the experts, the best time to buy patio furniture is during the sale from August to October when retailers clear out the summer items to make room for autumn inventory. The further from summer, the higher the chance to get the best deals on patio furniture. Early August is the time when the sales are approximately 20%, in October, which goes up to 60-70%. With these extra savings, you can grab the expensive one you have an eye for a long time. 

Autumn deals

Patio-furniture is a designer-focused industry; hence, styles and designs change rapidly, and new designs and materials are launched constantly. Usually, after May, patio furniture retailers tend to the winter supplies and models and put the summer collections on sale. Prices drop incredibly during winter when the shops cease new inventory for patio furniture.

The autumn sale is a great time to buy outdoor furniture if you are a frugal buyer, but it won’t be if you are not a flexible one. You will find great deals on outdoor furniture in autumn indeed but might not find a great collection. The prices eventually drop because the retailers want to get rid of the items that had not been sold. So, there is a little chance of finding a good collection or the newer models.

Winter deals

You must be thinking, how come winter can be the best time to buy patio furniture? It’s not even the best time to roam outside unnecessarily. No one is concerned about patio furniture during winter. Retailers usually focused on selling electric snow shovels and Christmas items for the upcoming Christmas. You will hardly find any outdoor furniture available in retail shops. 

But if you are flexible in online shopping, mid-winter is the best time for you to buy patio furniture. If you can do deep research online, you may often find discounts up to 70% on outdoor furniture during winter. Online stores like Amazon, Tesco, or Homebase will be the best place to buy your desired furniture. 

The only problem you might be facing when the furniture will arrive. It will be a little difficult during winter to place the furniture outside as you wanted it to be. You have to sort out where you can store the furniture until spring comes. If you have a garage, shed, or storeroom, you can keep the furniture there. But, if you don’t have such space, you might need to assemble it outside and protect it with an outside furniture cover, which is also available online. The best part is, you will get a discount on the furniture covers as well along with the patio-furniture while buying online. So, winter is both the best time to purchase patio furniture and furniture covers online. 

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Early spring deals 

If you have missed the awesome autumn and cool winter deals on patio furniture or need something new for your summer barbeques and pool parties, you can go for early spring deals. You can find decent deals (if not the best deals) on patio-furniture from February to early March. Though deals won’t be as good as autumn and winter, you will find new models and designs in late February. It is the time when most furniture companies will bring new stock that will be ready to be shipped in February or early March. 

Usually, spring and early summer are when furniture companies spend a hectic time due to the higher demand for outside furniture. Demands are high, inventories are low, and many items are on backorder. Usually, furniture prices are at the highest as outdoor needs are at the top this season. Hence, early summer is not a suitable time to buy patio furniture if you are budget-conscious. 

What experts have to say?

There is a difference of opinion regarding the best time to buy patio furniture. Some say May is the best time to buy patio furniture. Some say August-September must be a great time to have outdoor furniture. But what do the experts have to say? We have curated a list of leading publications and websites and see what they have to say. 

Frugal—August. According to Erin Huffstetler from, August is the best time to buy patio furniture.

Business Insider—September. Business Insider finds September deals to be more compelling to buy patio furniture. 

Yahoo Shopping—September. According to Yahoo Shopping, September is a decent time to buy patio furniture, as you might save 20-30%.

Deal News—September. Deal News finds September to be the best time to buy patio furniture when you can avail up to a 40% discount and a good number of options as well. 

Time Magazine—September. Time Magazine suggests waiting till September will be great if you want to grab rock-bottom prices on patio-furniture, though the selection may be a little bit lower than August. 

Life Hacker—October. Pushing a little late towards October, Life Hacker is mostly focusing on the best deal you can get during early winter. 

If you are a frugal buyer, you must know which time is best to buy patio furniture. As a budget-conscious buyer, you must not purchase outdoor furniture in late spring or summer time. During this time, deals are usually poor, and stores are busy because of the higher demand of patio furniture. 

Buying patio furniture during May might look like a good decision. You might be thinking you can beat up the crowd if you make the purchase this time, but the truth is everyone feels the same, and as a result, the retailers run out of stock, and you end up receiving the furniture 2 months later than expected. 

If you want the best deals on patio furniture, wait for autumn and winter sales. But in winter you might have to face a storage problem, though you will get your furniture on time. So, it seems autumn is the best time to buy patio furniture.