Personal injury claims: the fact and fiction

Rohan Mathew

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Personal injury claims: the fact and fiction

When you suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault it can be an overwhelming time. You’ll be focusing on dealing with the pain and your recovery – everything else can seem too stressful. But by making a personal injury claim you can be awarded compensation to help you with your recovery. Below, we explore the fact and fiction of personal injury claims.

Should you deal direct without a lawyer?

It isn’t advisable to make a deal without a lawyer. Personal injury law can be complex and difficult to navigate without specialist help. But by dealing through a lawyer, you should be able to maximise the compensation you’re awarded. 

Will all lawyers get you the same result?

The result of your claim will depend on the quality of the lawyer you hire. As with many things in life, a lawyer needs experience, expertise and familiarity to get the best results. Naturally then, you should carry out your due diligence when hiring a personal injury lawyer. Ideally, you should hire someone who has plenty of experience and the appropriate qualifications for the case. 

Claims aren’t easy to go through with

This is true – claims are very rarely easy to proceed with. As with much of the law, there are plenty of technicalities to be worked through. However, this doesn’t mean that the reward isn’t worth it. As long as you get the appropriate legal support, you should be able to move towards a satisfactory result.

You should gather your own evidence

This statement is also true. It’s important that you gather evidence as soon as you can after you’ve been in an accident. This includes gathering photos of your injuries or the scene. Plus, it can be beneficial to see a doctor and get a report of the injuries you’ve sustained. From this base, you can then collect evidence surrounding any loss of earnings and other associated problems.

You must fund the legal fees from your own money

This statement isn’t true. There are actually many ways you can fund your personal injury claim. For a start, most solicitors offer you a no-win, no-fee clause. This means that you’ll only have to pay out of your winnings – if you lose, you won’t be liable to pay legal fees. On top of this, you can fund the legal fees via legal expense insurance or through a trade union. 

If you’ve suffered in an accident, therefore, it’s well worth considering making a personal injury claim. By approaching a reputable, trustworthy lawyer, you should put yourself in the best possible position to earn compensation and make your recovery that little bit easier.