Photography Techniques You Can Try As A Beginner

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Photography Techniques You Can Try As A Beginner

For some beginner photographers, learning as many as resources can be very beneficial. With so many resources out there, learning is much easier. There are paid and even free courses you can try. One of many lessons that you can try is about photography techniques. You need to learn a lot to increase your skills. Before trying the complex skill, you can start with the easiest one. Compactclick has prepared this article to give you insight into photography techniques and stages that you can try.

A Beginner Guide About Photography Technique

Learning photography must also learn about concepts in addition to honing techniques. Photographing technique is a way of taking pictures after knowing how to take pictures. What are these stages? Shutter speed, diaphragm, ISO are commonly called the exposure triangle. Then compose and focus on producing sharp photos. The four stages above are essential to consider when shooting to be able to produce technically good photos. Mastery of the stages and techniques of photographing is important for a photographer. This, of course, must start with getting to know the camera that we will use to take pictures. Because by recognizing the camera that we use, we can use its facilities well to produce photos with perfect techniques.

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Photography’s Composition Stages

Composition is set by selecting the point of interest (POI) of an object. Point of interest is something that stands out the most in a photo object. Composition ranks first that must be considered in the stages of photographing. This is because the photo composition settings can only be set by photographer himself and cannot be replaced by the camera. This differs from other functions such as focus, speed, and aperture. In automatic cameras, these three things can be replaced by the camera.

1.Stages of Photographing the Diaphragm

The diaphragm is also known as the lens aperture. This is the last thing in the shooting stage. Last but not least, because the aperture setting is also important in order to produce good photos. The theory is almost the same as the speed that uses the principle of the human eyeball: the smaller the lens aperture, the less light enters, and vice versa. The larger the lens aperture, the narrower the sharp field or object that can be focused. While the smaller the lens aperture, the wider the sharp field of the photo object.

2.Stages of Shooting Shutter Speed

The next step is setting the speed. The purpose of speed is the movement of the curtain that opens and closes according to the number selected by speed button. The faster the movement of opening and closing the curtains, the less light enters. Meanwhile, the slower the movement, the more light enters. The faster or slower the movement of the curtain is shown in the numbers on the camera.

3.Stages of Photographing Focus

After setting the composition, we must adjust the focus of the object that we will photograph. The point of interest is the main thing to focus on. Focusing can be done by turning the focus ring on the lens or adjusting the distance between the camera and the photo’s object.

Most Popular Techniques in Photography

Besides those stages above, there are primarily several used techniques in photography you can use as a beginner. Here is the list:

1.Panning Photographing Techniques

This panning shooting technique is done by moving the camera along the direction of the object’s movement. In doing this technique, a camera is needed in the form of a tripod. In addition to making the resulting background not chaotic, this technique requires low speed, both of which require the camera not to shake a lot.

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2.Freeze Photographing Techniques

The freeze technique is a technique on a moving object as if to stop the moving object. This technique uses high speed so that the object seems to freeze. Usually, this technique is used to photograph sports activities such as football and motorcycle racing.

3.Zooming Photographing Techniques

The next technique is zooming, which is a shooting technique to produce photos with object effects such as moving away/closer to the camera. When the shutter button is pressed, the zoom ring is moved away or closer to get the desired result. If the panning and zooming techniques require a low speed, then there is a technique that allows us to adjust the shutter curtain opening and closing speed. This technique is called the bulb technique. Usually, this technique is used to take pictures in low light conditions, such as at night. When speed priority cannot help to get normal lighting, this technique is used.

If you keep practicing and implementing those techniques, you can be a professional photographer for sure. Besides learning online and following several courses, you also need to capture the moment as much as you can. No need to find a special object; you can start capturing an object around you.