Simple Ways to Combat Stress and Anxiety

Rohan Mathew

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Stress and anxiety go hand in hand.

When one comes, you can expect the other to make an appearance soon after, but what is stress? And why are so many people affected by it?

We’re all told we have to measure up to specific standards and have certain types of success. This is what drives most stress levels up daily because we’re all trying our best to spread ourselves thin to make our dreams a reality.

Not only this, but there’s the responsibility aspect.

If you add children to the equation, you’ve got a whole new look on stress and anxiety because, as a parent, there’s always something to worry about.

First, let us dig deeper into the concept of “stress.

It’s the physical body’s response to the challenges life demands. It can present itself in the form of physical or emotional tension or frustration.

Our body produces a chemical called cortisol when we get stressed out, and this chemical is related to our “fight or flight” mode.

There are many ways to reduce stress and anxiety—natural remedies, therapy, etc.

With this in mind, let’s look at ten simple ways you can pull yourself out of any funk and get back to caring about what matters and makes you happy!

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Pour Your Feelings onto Paper

There’s something therapeutic that happens when you’re able to put your feelings down on paper. Some of us don’t understand how to express our emotions, and this serves as the perfect vehicle for dispersing those emotions when it’s not as easy in general.

Nothing fancy has to happen. You only need a piece of paper and something to write with, then let your mind dump all those thoughts swirling about in your head.

You’ll feel like all that weight holding you down is lighter!

Get Up and Dance

Never underestimate the power of getting up and moving your body. Once again, this process doesn’t have to be anything fancy!

Music is shown to be a great way to reduce stress and regenerate grey matter in the brain.

Some great ways to incorporate music into your day are keeping headphones with you at your desk, turning on music. At the same time, you cook and or clean or only have a dance party with friends, kids, or the dog—whatever’s applicable in your situation.

Get Outside and Take in Some Fresh Air

If you ever find yourself suffocating in stressful situations, get outside, and get some fresh air. The oxygen works in a way to rebalance your thought process, and a little extra vitamin D never hurt anyone!

Well, maybe those with sensitive skin, but you get our point—just grab some sunscreen if you fall in this category.

If you’re someone who already loves the outdoors, look into nature hikes. It’s such a fantastic feeling exploring terrain you’ve never seen before. If you’re feeling adventurous, travel to some of the most breathtaking places this country has to offer, such as Redwood National Forest or the Sedona Mountains.

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Practice Grounding Techniques

When they say we’re all connected with nature, there’s some truth to it. When we place our feet outside on fresh blades of grass, dirt, or whatever else, the energy from the earth transmutes anxious and stressful feelings we have.

This is called grounding.

People with chronic anxiety swear by this practice.

The best things in life and your life are often free, which is one of those things. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or all of the above, take your shoes off and stand in the grass while the sun rays shine down on you.

You’ll feel better, almost immediately.

Embrace Your Happy Place

We all have activities that bring us great joy. What makes one person happy won’t work for the next person, so it’s all about embracing your life and doing whatever brings you the most joy.

For some people, this looks like indulging in self-care, and for others, it may be something else like hitting up Fatburger twice in one week.

While we should always aim to be the best version of ourselves, it’s okay to treat yourself to the things that make you happy. However, keep in mind that everything is better in moderation.

Moving Forward Without Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety don’t have to reign supreme in your life. You can incorporate endless things into your life to reduce and eliminate this dreadful duo, like CBD.

People with chronic anxiety have shown excellent results by adding CBD to their daily regimen. There are tons of companies to choose from, but you want to go with a company hitting all of those quality benchmarks like organic hemp, lab-testing, etc.

There are many CBD products available as well, but gummies have become many people’s go-to products.

You can’t go wrong wtih CBDfx gummies if you’re end goal is reducing stress and anxiety because they’re only 5mg per gummy. This means you can take a little daily without feeling groggy or incapacited, but you can also take more if you’re feeling panic creep in.

They provide the perfect balance.

It’s all about understanding your symptoms and knowing what type of relief works best for you. When you’re able to recognize and comprehend what’s going on, before it happens, you’ll be able to kick stress and anxiety to the curb for good!