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Turnkey websites are THE websites for generating passive income. What is a turnkey websites, though? These are platforms used in the tech industry to define ready-made websites. They are generally SEO optimized and can start bringing you profits from day one. If you need a website but have zero to little website building skills, then you can find a website already set up on the internet. You have the engine at hand, all you have to do is start it.

Have amazing products to start your own e-commerce store, but is your lack of programming skills stopping you? Want to receive easy access to millions of customers but don’t know how the system works? With us, you can dive into the world of money-making on the web and more. We’ll provide you the foundation, and all you have to do is figure out how you want to make the most profit. Plus, these aren’t just random themed websites like on WordPress. These are highly specific and categorized to help you make money through real-time strategies.

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Thinking of building your own website without help and saving some money? Here are just some of the things you need to do:

  • Mapping Keywords
  • Identifying niche
  • Navigation and Content
  • Design Web Pages
  • Review and launch
  • Formatting
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Graphics and Logo design
  • Effective Marketing Techniques
  • Monetization information

You can make an effort to commit to all of these and more after coming home from your 9 to 5 job. The most likely outcome from this is you falling asleep on the table while reading your second blog on how to deal with auditing content.

There’s always freelancing platforms where you bid to have someone make time to develop a wishy-washy website for you. However, there are disadvantages to this that you may not know about:

Vetting applicants: You may not know the right questions to ask your potential designer. What kind of developer do you need? A frontend, backend, or full-stack developer? If you don’t know the answer to this, the other person will try to take advantage of you. You won’t know the price range and can always be tempted to go with someone charging half the price and yet not know why.

Managing your applicant: When hiring someone to build your website, you are the person they are interacting with. They know you will go easy on them, and they will try haggling over costs and pushing deadlines. Moreover, they can easily back out, and the best response time you will be getting from them is, if lucky, 48 hours!

No backups: Freelancers are individuals and do not have to answer to a team. That means, if they leave you something messy or non-functional, you won’t get a refund. They may or may not fix it for you and can even go rogue. It’s common for hired help to quit suddenly during a busy sales cycle.

The worst part is, even if these freelancers did their best to make you the perfect website, you might not even like it after days of waiting.

What do you go for then? The answer to this is ready-made websites. Turnkey websites for sale are pre-built sites that have all the graphics and content already established. You have nothing to insert here except for your affiliate links.

We at Credbrands have a team of web developers, graphic designers, content writers, and marketers working on scheduled time to create and design websites fully established and ready for you. These sites are categorized into niches and business methods that can bring you several ways for monetization outcome.

The best aftermath from purchasing turnkey websites for sale is that you can analyze what you like and purchase what you choose. Once you book a website, it will be delivered to you in a period of 24 hours, business days, of course!

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What kind of websites will you find?

Niche and Authority Websites:

Want to make a small 10-20 page website about a particular niche such as smartphones and tablets? We’ve got high-end niche websites ready for you. You may also want to make a bigger website covering huge pools of content and still keep adding pages and posts that never end. These are authority websites.

Credbrands has just what you are looking for and that too in hundreds of themes. These websites cater to your readers’ interests and get you involved with a specific audience. If you are an aspiring blogger looking to generate some cash on the side by using some PPC marketing strategies, you can go for niche and authority websites.

Amazon Affiliate Websites:

Are you amazed by how people can produce a source of income through affiliate links? If you have always been the one purchasing headphones and sweatpants from Amazon affiliate websites and have always wondered how it’s on the other side, this is where you know. You’ll be surprised by the number of products you can add and the sum of commission you get.

Your target can be a blog or a website that adds a reference to a product. These products take the reader to the actual site of Amazon, and with one purchase by them, you get a 5-10% commission. If you’re wondering that Amazon might not keep records of your affiliate sales, you should know that Amazon adds a specific code to the URL link which they track to connect back to your website.

ClickBank and JVZOO Affiliate Websites:

For those looking for access to millions of potential customers and tools to manage the digital side of the business, marketplaces such as ClickBank and JVZOO are a godsend. ClickBank provides service to three different categories of people: creators, affiliates, and customers. For customers looking for a digital product such as a worksheet or a recipe, you can use a ClickBank affiliate site to redirect them to the ClickBank main website where they make a purchase.

JVZOO, similar to ClickBank, is a marketplace to 800,000 affiliates. It works as a marketplace between an affiliate and a vendor for digital products. Their program is focused mainly on MMO or money making online. With the help of an affiliate website, you can cherry-pick whatever product you like and sell it on your website.

While ClickBank offers commissions through CPS, CPA, CPL, and revenue share, JVZOO offers 5% from each completed sale.

Dropshipping and E-commerce websites:

If you wish to start an online business, the first task is to build a website. Credbrand provides numerous dropshipping and e-commerce websites that cover a wide range of subjects. An e-commerce store is simply a window to showcase your products or services. The customer can make a purchase through the link or any way you like.

A dropshipping website is a type of e-commerce website. It also allows customers to buy products and book services using your website as the platform. This business, however, does not have any inventory. That means you act as a retailer and buy the product from a third party and then deliver the product to your customer. If you’re looking forward to having an e-commerce website, choosing the dropshipping method is a great way to start a business at a low risk.

Adsense Websites:

Google has a free advertising platform named Adsense. The ads you use all over your website are given to you by Adsense. A mere click on one of these ads can get you paid. These payments per click range from as low as $0.3 to as high as $20. Your website has to be approved by Adsense if you wish to start your zero-effort business. Credbrand offers Adsense ready websites, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of applying and getting rejected.

Credbrands also offers CPA websites, reseller business websites, and auto blogs.

Custom Order Requests: For those who have websites in mind that do not belong to any category, you don’t need to worry. We can build your personal websites that go according to your preference. Want a website that holds 30 pages? We have it for you. Want a website affiliated with a particular CPA affiliate network? Our team can get you that and more. 

What do we offer?

  • The domain
  • The website, its graphic, and content
  • Marketing strategies
  • Traffic management plan
  • Help in understanding the domain
  • Assistance in website transfer
  • Guide in placing links and ads
  • After the sales team support

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I know which websites are for sale?

Our website has all the details of every website we offer. These are ready for sale and added to the cart.

  • Is all the content original or copied from other sites?

All content found on the websites is created by our team of content writers. They are all 100% authentic.

  • Do I have to research for niche and domain?

No research is necessary. Our niches and domains are laid out. All you have to do is choose which one you would like.

  • Are earnings guaranteed?

None of the income is guaranteed. These websites are equally likely not to generate any earning. If you require a marketing and monetization guide, you can book for a consultation with Credbrands.

What you should remember is that you won’t be earning thousands from the first day or even the first month. Monetization through a website requires loads of time and patience. If you like any turnkey website for sale and wish to turn it into a passive income, feel free to choose or send a query if you’re unable to choose.

Check the stock of turnkey websites for sale and secure your new online business today!