PPT to PDF: Convert Files Using GogoPDF in 4 Steps

Rohan Mathew

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Many of us use Powerpoint presentations for school or business presentations. It is reliable in providing an excellent visual representation for your viewers. It is packed with features that you can use to make your piece more presentable. But there will be times also where you have to print hard copies, especially if it’s a business presentation. 

One way to have your Powerpoint file have the best quality when printed out is converting them to PDF file format. The PDF file format will retain the quality of your Powerpoint file; that’s why most people convert them before printing them out. Well, before you can do that, you need to have a reliable converter tool that will help you perform quick conversion of your files.

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GogoPDF is an online converter tool for any file format you wish to be converted from and to PDF. It can convert PDF files to PowerPoint or any file format you want. It can also convert PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF by just using GogoPDF’s converter tool. It is an all in one tool for all of your electronic file needs.

We all know how important time is; that’s why GogoPDF will only need a few seconds of your time when you convert your files with them. They can finish any conversion in less than thirty seconds, which leaves you more time to edit or modify any files you have. It is convenient to have this kind of converter tool, especially if you are rushing to meet a deadline.

Speaking of a quick conversion, GogoPDF’s converter tool only has four steps for you to have a successful transformation. The steps can already be seen once you have chosen the file format after it gets converted. They already simplified the steps so that no one will ever have a hard time following them.

The Conversion Process

To start the process, you have to transfer and import the file to GogoPDF’s website. There are few ways to do this; you can do the traditional one by clicking on the Select Files on the converter box, choosing the file you wish to convert, or using their drag and drop feature, which lets you import your files immediately.

Once the file has been uploaded, the system will now scan and analyze your file for a few seconds. After scanning, you can now proceed with the conversion process. As mentioned earlier, it only takes a few seconds, well that’s true! The system eliminated the long wait time when converting files without compromising the output’s quality.

After the conversion process is finished, you can already download the new file and save it on your computer’s hard drive or share it to one of your cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox since GogoPDF supports both. So, what do you think about GogoPDF’s conversion process? Easy, right?


Accessibility is one of the many reasons why GogoPDF is convenient to have. The tool can be accessed using any platform. You don’t have to download any software or install applications to access the converter tool. You would only need a browser and a good internet connection for you to access GogoPDF.

So, it won’t matter if you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux since all of them work well with GogoPDF’s converter tool. It is also compatible with smartphone devices running in iOS or Android operating systems. Since it is a web-based tool, then you can access the converter tool anytime and anywhere.


Some of us don’t trust online tools since they are vulnerable to being hacked. It is only right to be cautious, especially if you are working with confidential files. But with GogoPDF, you are assured that your files and documents are safe with them. Security of your files is one of their top priorities; that’s why they have an advanced security system that keeps your files safe.

On top of that, they will not store any uploaded or converted files on their servers. After an hour of conversion, they will delete all of your uploaded and converted files. It ensures that no one will ever have access to your files and documents without your knowledge. So, you can keep on working without having to worry about your file’s safety.

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It may seem like GogoPDF only does file conversion; however, they offer more than just converting your files for you. You can use the tool if you ever need to merge, split, compress, and repair PDF files. And all of these features and functions are for free! Check them out now.