Can Monitors Help Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome?

Rohan Mathew

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Do you have problems with your eyes every time you stare at a computer screen? Even worse, do your eyes always become red and irritating, or do you experience back pains and shoulder pains? If you are getting any of these listed symptoms, you may have computer vision syndrome. After staring at a phone, tablet, or computer screen for hours without rest, people often experience computer vision syndrome. This can be due to display settings on your computer or even the type of monitor you are currently using. This article is going to focus on computer monitors.

The question is, can you buy a computer monitor that can prevent you from getting computer vision syndrome? Most people stare at screens to get work done. Many people are experiencing a lot of problems due to this, not just computer vision syndrome. People often switch from device to device without breaks. You could be working on a computer, and during work breaks, you find yourself staring at your phone’s screen and back to the computer later. 

According to recent studies, an average person stares at a display screen for close to 7 hours a day. This is for both work and recreational activities. Most people don’t know that this leads to several issues that affect your eyes and can lead to back pains, which may develop into more severe health issues. This means unless we change our usual routines, the effects can be intense and long-term.

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Choosing the Right Monitor to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

An average person can experience eye fatigue after staring at a display screen for 3-4 hours. With the extensive use of display screens, it is essential to choose the right monitor when buying one. If you pick the right monitor, it can reduce eye strain and the chance of getting computer vision syndrome. Many companies have taken this in mind and have developed monitors that keep your eyes protected. Some of the features that these technologies have to include: 

  • Blue Light Filters

This is a technology that reduces the effect of harmful light. This light makes the colors of the display more realistic by keeping the blue light waves closer to reality. This allows the display light to be more adjustable and flexible at different angles while filtering out harmful levels of blue light. This ensures that your eyes are protected at all times. 

  • Non- flicker Technology

Apart from the blue light effect, flicker rates are also a cause of fatigue, eye strain, and computer vision syndrome. Different companies are now creating flicker-free display screens that keep your eyes healthy. These technologies have LED backlight that reduces the flicker rates of display screens. By reducing this, the chances of experiencing complications due to fatigue and eye strain are lowered. 

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  • Auto Pivot Technologies

With the auto pivot functionality, the display has multiple orientations that optimize the viewing experience at any angle while increasing the screen’s readability. This offers the viewer more comfortability which leads to extended periods of viewing. This allows users to use their display screens for more extended periods and eliminates any chance of eye strain and fatigue. This also leads to a more ergonomic work environment.


Choosing the right monitor specifically designed to keep your eyes healthy is crucial to eliminating the chance of getting computer vision syndrome. Other features are usually included to help you improve your eye health and create a more comfortable experience. Getting yourself the best monitor goes a long way in your long-term health and a massive step in preventing eye strain and fatigue. Whether you are investing in your computer monitor’s vision-related properties for the first time, you have come to the right place. Click here to find your best option for a computer monitor that will change your vision forever and keep your eyes healthy. Understanding how display screens work and how they can affect your eyes will help you choose to buy the best screen for your eye health. With the advancement of technology, innovations are being brought forward to increase our viewing experience. We are to keep you updated on the most recent and ergonomic display screens in the market. 

Take a step forward and find yourself the best monitor in the market. Do not risk the chance of getting severe complications because you were too lazy to go out and find the best screen for your eye health. Remember, safety is critical.