Quick Tips for Effective Equipment Inventory Management

Rohan Mathew

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Your equipment is a crucial component of your business, and how well it operates. Learning how to effectively manage and utilize your inventory can save you money, help you make better business decisions, and even improve the overall performance of your company. Equipment inventory management is the process of tracking and analyzing asset usage throughout a business. The question for most companies is how can they use this technology effectively? Here are some quick tips on how to upgrade your inventory management strategy. 

Know What Kind of Inventory You Need to Monitor

Companies have various kinds of inventory they need to monitor and manage. Some companies will need hardware inventory management tools which allow them to track the use of things like computers, smartphones, and even crucial business tools. Other business leaders may need to focus more on the management of software solutions. The right technology for software and hardware inventory management may even allow you to track different kinds of assets in the same place. Once you know what kind of inventory you’re going to be watching, you can begin to search for the software solution you need to succeed. Remember, your list of equipment to track should be comprehensive, and up to date. Always update your asset management plan when you invest in new solutions (hardware or software). 

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Track Asset Usage Correctly

Once you know what kind of assets you need to track, the next step is figuring out how those tools are being used. The right software will help you to track how often employees are using certain assets, which staff members access those assets most, and when and where they’re using resources. Tracking asset usage will help you to make important decisions about how you assign resources to members of your team. You might notice that one group in your workplace rarely ever accesses webcams for video conferencing, but the marketing team needs to use them every day. This could mean you choose to assign more video conferencing resources to the marketing staff. 

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Keep an Eye on Lifecycle Information

Remember, successful inventory management and tracking isn’t just about finding out where your assets are being used, and which team members are most likely to use them. The right technology can also help you keep track of important lifecycle information. For hardware inventory management, this could mean getting an insight into when a machine’s warranty runs out, or when it needs to be scheduled for maintenance to remain within warranty. In the software environment, asset management tools can also help you to track software licenses, ensuring you remain compliant with the usage agreements signed when you acquire new licenses, and helping you to renew expired licenses when they run out. 

Make the Most of Your Assets

Proper asset management is how business leaders ensure they’re leveraging and utilizing hardware and software assets as effectively as possible. Keeping a close eye on your resources and their lifecycle can save you money, improve business productivity, and even improve your chances of running a more efficient team.