Role of Technology in Games:

Rohan Mathew

In recent years, technological advancements have improved internet games to the level where many games have blurred the lines between reality & fantasy. Games are frequently encouraged not just to entertain the general public, but also to educate individuals in a range of fields.

Popular mobile technology is considered as one of the most essential industry drivers in the modern era. Gaming has significant changes as technology has progressed. The gaming industry has grown beyond conception, from the development of games to the age of computer games.

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(Smartphones) games:

Because of the accessibility of a device that fits in your hand and is always available, gaming has changed immensely and more popular. There are many new games accessible for casual players that only have a few minutes to play.

We are usually busy with daily tasks or job, yet there are moments when we are waiting for a cab or stuck in a bus route with nothing to do. This is when online gaming application on your smartphone can keep us engaged. Smartphones enable this by providing games tailored to each individual’s preferences.

Future players:

Future players should be able to watch the changes unfold as they happen, as well as contribute in the game’s evolution. Player-generated games are on the verge of taking over the gaming industry, ushering in a new era in which game developers will rely on committed players for new content. 

(3D) Graphics:

Older online games used text-based technologies and two-dimensional images. Gradually, as adventure games and special effects were available, games got more realistic. As a result of the advancement of (3D) graphics, new technologies for rendering realistic visuals, computing physical properties, and offering in-game eligible persons evolved. Players may now fully immerse themself in the online gaming world thanks to special effects and also well realistic features.

Role of technology:

The rise of modern technology has raised demand for technological devices, which allows users to take their games with them and play them whenever they want. Gamers from all around the world have praised and patronized the game’s scientific development.  

These games can be so addicting that people would forego eating and outdoor sports in order to play them. This is how technology becomes extremely significant in terms of developing games and other comparable circumstances involving the creation of interesting and engaging online conflicts, which are mostly exploited by users through downloading and online gaming.


We cannot really imagine life without the internet, computers, and other high-tech gadgets since current technology has changed the globe. We will witness technological advancements in the gaming in the future. 

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