Tips on Battery Care & Maintenance of Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Rohan Mathew


Every person who uses power wheelchairs finds them better than manual wheelchairs. After all, these wheelchairs allow a limited mobility user to travel anywhere without putting strain on shoulders and arms. The bariatric users use heavy duty power wheelchairs having weight holding capacities of 500 lbs. These wheelchairs are often regarded as bariatric power chairs and are suitable to use by limited mobility sufferers, who are overweight also.

A heavy duty electric wheelchair offers a safe and comfortable ride to end-users as they are engineered with perfection.  To accommodate any user, these wheelchairs have larger motors, increased torque and longer frames. They are even designed to handle the most challenging terrain smoothly so that users can enjoy comfortable rides both on even and uneven surfaces.

It is a no-brainer to guess that battery is one of the most important components of heavy duty power wheelchairs. To keep the wheelchair in good and working condition for years and years, it is necessary to take proper care of batteries and maintained them. Usually, if you purchase new wheelchairs, the battery lasts for a maximum of 24 months. But with proper care and maintenance, they can even last longer.

Tips to Prolong Batteries of Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Some of the ways to maintain your battery are as follows:

  1. Using Original Charger: Always charge the wheelchair’s battery with an original charger. Duplicate or cheap chargers potentially damage the battery along with the wheelchair. They even overcharge the batteries if not disconnected from the plug at the right time. On the other hand, original chargers automatically switch off once the battery gets charged completely.
  2. Recharge Batteries Fully: Leaving batteries of wheelchairs in a discharged or drained condition will cause premature deterioration in the long run. Therefore, charge these batteries on a regular basis. It is always better to recharge the battery on the same day when it is 30% drained rather than waiting for it to get discharged to 50% and then recharging it after 2-3 days. Usually, batteries need a minimum of eight hours to fully recharge. So, the best way is to plug them and leave for overnight. Ensure to switch off the plug after 10-12 hours to avoid any mishap.
  3. Checking Corrosion Signs: If you want to use your wheelchairs for the longest duration, keep terminals free from any corrosion.  For this, visit the authentic service center minimum of once a year. If you want to service it at home, start with cleaning terminals completely with the help of a wire brush. After that, re-grease them. Besides greasing terminals, grease other parts of the wheelchair such as wire clips, wires, nuts and screws with petroleum jelly.
  4. Keeping Batteries at Room Temperature: Ideally, keep the electric wheelchair at a room temperature i.e. 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature lower or higher than this results in reducing the battery’s lifespan. Besides ideal temperature, keep the battery as well as heavy duty power wheelchairs in dry environment when not in the use.

Buy or Rent?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask before purchasing or taking heavy duty power wheelchairs on rental. The wheelchairs demand substantial investment; therefore you need to evaluate your needs accurately before taking this decision. If you want to use them for the rest of your lifetime, then you should consider buying, and if your requirement is short-term, then renting makes an ideal option. Affordable Medical USA is one of the leading suppliers of assistive mobility devices in the USA, which sells and offers power electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters on a rental basis. Simply visit their outlet and get the best price of your purchase.