Roof Terrace Design Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Special

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Roof Terrace Design Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Special

Gone are the days when everyone with a house used to have a rooftop terrace. As a result of the growing number of flats and apartments, having a rooftop terrace has become a luxury that only a few can have and afford. If you are indeed blessed with a rooftop terrace, then you must be wondering how to decorate it to make it look good and presentable. This article will help you learn various ways in which you can design your roof and add value to it.

A small but pretty rooftop serves multiple purposes-not only does it look good but it also gives a private space for the family members. You can make it as opulent as you want which will add an aesthetic touch to your house. You don’t need a lot for this, just a few simple, elegant, and bold-covered roof terrace ideas that will get you started.

Here is what you can consider planning a beautiful covered rooftop.

Right Flooring is the Key

Having suitable flooring for your rooftop will not only add an aesthetic appeal to your terrace but will also provide durability and strength. People often ignore this space and rarely do we see any special flooring or tiles here. But you can save yourself from this blunder with little planning and little budget. Putting up tiles on the terrace floor is a great way to make it look appealing and attractive.

There are many terrace tiles options to choose from, but remember to choose tiles that can withstand any weather conditions and heavy footfall. If you have a room on your terrace, you can choose to match the tiles of the terrace with the room. Other than tiles you can also choose artificial turf, concrete, gravel, rubber, and other similar options for rooftop flooring, however, if you want something that is durable and looks good then tiles should be your first choice.

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Fireplace on Rooftop

If you want your rooftop to serve multiple purposes and to be a place to have parties and get-togethers then adding a fireplace or a cookout on the rooftop can be an amazing investment. A simple barbeque pit or a grill would also work. It will allow you to host decadent parties throughout the year-just remember to have some sort of cover over the grill. You will be glad for the fireplace during those chilly nights of winter. Along with utility, a fireplace will also add aesthetic appeal to your rooftop.

 Fair Furniture

Furnishing a rooftop terrace can be a task because not all materials are suitable to be kept outdoors. Before choosing your furniture, decide what you want to do with the terrace-do you want it to be an outdoor living space, an outdoor kitchen, or an outdoor space to have fun and relax? Once you decide what you want to do you have many furniture options to choose from.

Wooden, cane, wicker, and rust-free metal are suitable materials for outdoor furniture. You can choose to get a sofa, some chairs, a few tables, and ottomans with storage space for the rooftop.

Rooftop garden

Greenery is not only pretty to look at but it also freshens your mind and body. Adding a touch of greenery to your rooftop is a highly recommended method of making it look lively. Several terrace design ideas incorporate live plants and succulents. You can grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even fruits in planters on your rooftop. For vines, install a small pergola to enjoy the fruits of your labour- literally.

Cool Colour palette

Your rooftop does not have to look drab, dull, and depressive. Just because rooftops are outdoors and exposed does not mean that you cannot add colours to them. Choose a colour scheme that matches that of your house to make the rooftop look pretty and cohesive. You can use awnings, tapestries, table liners, coasters, pillows, and many more choices to make your rooftop look more colourful and livelier. Adding live flowering plants will add a pop of colour that will change every week!

Let There Be Light!

Lighting is essential not only indoors but outdoors as well. It does not matter whether your terrace is small or large, adding some fancy and aesthetic lights will make it stand out. You can use hanging lanterns, overhead bulbs, sconces, vertical beams, string lights, rice lights, and many more to make the rooftop look pretty. If you want to be environmentally conscious, you can choose to install solar lamps which will save your electricity costs.

Rooftop Bar

If you love to socialise and throw parties then adding a rooftop bar is the right choice for you. With an outdoor cabinet, you can invite guests over whenever you want for a gala time. Do have a large counter space paired with comfortable seats. If you have a big enough rooftop, you can also make a small dance floor! Don’t forget about lighting and a deck to keep the party going on all night.

Gone are the days when rooftops were reserved for drying clothes and papads, you can now revamp them and make them an ‘open’ room of your house!