Seven Professions That Can Save Our Planet

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Despite the many issues we face every day, there is hope for us. You will find custom dissertation writing help about people that continue making a change every day through their vocations. The seven careers discussed here are examples of means you can use your skills to better the world.

  • Sustainability Executives

The work of sustainability executives is to develop systems and strategies focused on the environment. They make sure the firm considers the environment in all its dealings. Sustainability executives have led to corporations becoming leaders in environmental movements.

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  • Regional and Urban Planners

We need careful planning to save the globe. Thus, regional and urban planners have a crucial role to play. Their work is to ensure that land-use proposals create communities and can put up with population growth. Cities and towns need green spaces where the community can connect with flora and fauna. It is a great way to find relief from the stress of the modern lifestyle.

  • Renewable Energy Professionals

Environmental engineering vocations are ideal for lovers of mathematics, intricate mechanical designs, or physics. The harnessing of solar, hydrothermal, and wind energy are quickly becoming industry standards. Even so, we need new ways to channel sustainable energy sources. The profession will continue to grow as stakeholders start to appreciate the significance of clean, sustainable energy.

  • Legislators, Activists and Environmental Advocates

These professionals are experts in radical tactics and petitioning the policymakers to prioritize the environment. The career demands you to understand and strike a balance between environmental science and political science. Environmental advocacy is one of the fast-rising careers today. It is perfect for those fascinated by effecting change at the environmental policy level. The job entails instituting good networks with organizations and coordinating policy development ideas.

  • Food and Agricultural Scientist

Most of what we consume is naturally grown from the soil. Farmers and agricultural specialists help put food on our tables every day. An agronomic scientist has a good understanding of soil science, chemistry, and growing seasons, to state a few. They use the knowledge to get the most out of food production. A food scientist plays a crucial role in ensuring food is safe for consumption. 

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  • Environmental Legal Representative

One of the subsections of law is Environmental law. It is a fulfilling career that can help protect the globe. Environmental law encompasses regulations and legislation that protect our environment. These lawyers are at the forefront in securing policies and statutes that protect our natural resources.

  • Environmental Specialist

Environmental science combines different studies to help assess and analyze statistics and also conduct and observe research. The work of an environmental specialist vital. They use their understanding of environmental science to help protect human health and nature. Environmental specialists offer advice to policymakers and manufacturing firms on how to minimize waste. Their work mainly revolves around formulating policies that help in the conservation of nature. 


These are just a few careers that help make the world a better place. There are others, such as zoology or atmospheric science. Taking any of these vocations helps you follow in the footsteps of those who went before us, like Gandhi.