Top 5 Activewear Fitness Brands You Should Fall in Love With

Rohan Mathew

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Nothing can beat the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins and sweat dripping from your body on something you feel good and look good in. For all my friends with an active lifestyle, we feel the passion of taking care of your body. Now, what’s the use of working out on your body if you don’t wear something that looks good on that body and helps you work out more comfortably. Therefore, you must have something that enlightens your workout and lets you highlight your gains like a magnifying glass.

 If you have an active lifestyle, then there is no doubt that you are into activewear and might own a couple of leggings pairs or numerous sports bras because that is the whole point of active style. You nourish your body inside out and then flex your efforts, hard work, and discipline in the form of gains through your stylish and comfortable activewear. Today we have prepared a list of top activewear or gym wear brands that you can get your hands on to look very chic. This list is composed of the brands I like based on comfort, style, and versatility.

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Our list is my favorite and one of the most prominent gym wear/activewear brands, SQUATWOLF. It is my favorite because they keep things balanced, they don’t lessen the comfort and quality to go for style, neither they go all-in for comfort and end up making things boring like other sportswear brands in the market. Somehow SQUATWOLF has found this magical balance that satisfies all the expectations of activewear customers. SQUATWOLF has designed clothing ranges for gym athletes who like to do things rough and at the same time want their gains to be highlighted. If you have an active lifestyle, then this brand certainly has something extraordinary for you to love. To include such a level of accuracy in their clothing SQUATWOLF works closely with different athletes and bodybuilders to better understand the needs and wants of customers adopting this lifestyle. 

  • La Causa

Second, on our list is La Causa. The word La Causa means “The Cause” in Spanish. The brand focuses on delivering high-quality comfort through its clothing without compromising too much on the style. Their target market is mainly modern women, and they are a firm believer in gender equality.  Since its inception in 2013, LACAUSA is striving to change the basics of designing and mixing things up, like blending romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. La Causa keeps ethics, gender equality, antiracism, and conservation of nature as their moral values. Although it is a pretty decent brand with lots of things to fall in love with, I still don’t consider it a full-fledged activewear brand. .  

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  • Beyond Yoga is another yoga-centric clothing brand that focuses on making yoga wear look and feel amazing. As the name suggests, the brand exceeds expectations by taking it a step further and focusing on yoga clothing and making women feel good in their skin and believe that they are perfect in every shape, color, and size. They get full marks on versatility. In their vast range of products, they have offerings for every size so that you are never afraid of not getting what you desire. This brand has enormous potential and can grow into a market leader, especially in athleisure and yoga wear.


Headquartered in Campbell, CA, second on our list is It was founded in 2012 as a brand that mainly focuses on Yoga and yoga wear. It has become a specialized multi-branded online yoga retailer with a massive assortment of yoga brands and yoga-inspired products for all the yoga enthusiasts and yogis out there because yoga is simply impossible to do in those tight jeans. Having a solid e-commerce infrastructure, aims to provide fantastic customer service and has high shipping capabilities. The products offered are attractive and may quickly become a favorite for yogis but only for yogis. Despite offering outstanding products and having a good range, lacks versatility and caters to only a specific niche.

  • Spiritual Gangster

Talking about a specific niche, is a lot different. It targets yogis, athletes, artists, and musicians, and potentially everyone who has good taste in clothing., despite its name, is an environmentally responsible brand and puts in the effort towards giving back to society, charity, green practices, and gratitude.