Simple Ways to Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket

Rohan Mathew

Birthdays are one of the best chances to show how much we love and appreciate a person. By giving gifts, we can tell the celebrant how thankful we are to have them. If you want an exceptional token, gift baskets are the best idea to give.

Gift baskets are extraordinary presents because it’s filled with items that speak about our receivers. Besides availing unique gift baskets online, you can make a DIY gift basket. Here are some tips to put together a fantastic birthday gift basket.

Choose a theme that would reflect the recipient’s personality.

Everyone has his interests, preferences, and hobbies, and your receiver is not exempted from this fact. To make a unique gift basket, remember your recipient’s routines, likes, and activities to give you an idea.

Choose the items that you will put in the basket.

Some of these items can be:

Food- you can put his favorite food he used to grab and enjoy. If you aren’t sure about his favorite meal or flavor, try some plain potato chips or pretzels.

Decorations- if the receiver is an adult, you can choose items that he can display in his home or office are like photo frames or scented candles.

Skincare products- if the receiver loves to care for her skin and always smell great, lotions and fragrances are another best idea.

Clothes- especially if you know your recipient’s clothing size, clothes are another practical item you can include in the gift basket.

Pick a reusable basket to hold all of the gift items.

In gift baskets, it doesn’t have to be just a basket. It can be any container like wicker, plastic, or any reusable container you can purchase. Once you have your container, line it with a tissue paper or scrap paper that can match the basket’s decoration.

Start arranging the items in the gift basket.

To make it look pleasant, lean the taller item at the back of the basket and the smaller ones at the front. If you have lots of little things like candies, consider placing them in a glass jar.

Wrap the gift basket in cellophane to make it fancy.

To make your gift basket more special, wrap it with colorful cellophane. Place the gift basket on the center of the cellophane and fold it up and over the sides. Leave extra pieces of cellophane at the top and gather it using your hands above the basket. You can use a ribbon to tie the cellophane well.

Consider putting a ribbon around the basket.

Make your gift basket more presentable by cutting 3 inches of wide ribbon to fit around the gift basket. Tie it in a loose bow on a front to make it cuter.

Do not forget to place personalized cards or gift tags.

One appreciative thing in gift baskets is it is personalized, and you can achieve it more with greeting cards. Tape it outside the basket to make it noticeable. For an additional twist, place it between the items inside and let your receiver find.