Top 3 Sites To Learn The Russian Language Quickly In A Month

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In This Article, We Are Going To List Top 3 Sites To Learn The Russian Language Quickly In A Month

Nowadays, people are moving abroad due to many reasons. It might be because of studies, jobs, or any other reason. Learning Russian can be an easy process when there are many websites available to help you out.

When a person has the availability of learning Russian through sites and apps, then it could be easier for them to manage other jobs along with this.

But nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, it is possible to get benefits from everything by not making much effort.

Importance of websites

Websites offer various learning tools for students to learn the tricks of the language. The study material to learn and practice Russian will also be provided by them. There are various sites that give students the option to choose a suitable time according to them, and the tutor will teach according to the availability of the student.

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Sites To Learn The Russian Language

The student can use multiple websites for a better learning experience. There might be one good video on one website and multiple informative videos on other websites. So, it will be easy for you to merge everything to learn Russian at a good pace

The students cannot afford to go abroad to learn a new language. Therefore, due to the advancement of technology, it is possible that everyone can sit at their home and increase their linguistic skill.

Why Russian is one of the best languages to learn

With more than 120 million native speakers, Russian is the most spoken language in Europe and is an official language in both Russia and Belarus, making it one of the best languages to learn. It is also widely spoken in all of Eastern Europe. Learning Russian opens you up to the rich culture of Russia, known for its great literary works, music, cinema, and ballet.

Aside from this, learning the language could even provide career and business opportunities as Russia is considered a regional power with an emerging economy. The country has also seen growing business ties with Western Europe as well as the United States in recent years.


List Of 3 Sites To Learn The Russian Language

These are 3 Sites To Learn The Russian Language quickly : 

  • FluentU

It offers an interesting learning option for students to learn Russian. It allows students to choose their speed according to which they can study in a proper manner.

To make the learning process more informative and realistic, FluentU uses videos which are trailers, movie songs, clips related to some latest news, etc. When a student learns through such videos, they would not feel burdened due to studies.

The videos are shown with precise definitions, images, and some examples which are clear to understand. It also takes the student’s past learning into consideration so that further classes can be conducted according to that.

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  • Lingualift

To help the students Lingualift has been created by a group from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. It helps students to make a proper schedule to learn.

They would help students to learn words that are commonly used in the language on a daily basis. When the student gets to know regarding the common words used, it would be easier for them to frame a sentence and talk to a native speaker of Russia if needed.

To make the learning experience better, they make interesting videos through which students can learn Russian quickly. The subscription of Lingualift starts at $17 for one month based on the length of the subscription. Interested students can take the subscription and start learning Russian.

  • Justlearn

Justlearn is the best online platform to learn different languages. The videos and lessons are made according to the student’s needs. The student can be situated anywhere around the globe, but Justlearn helps students to connect with their respective teachers within a fraction of time.

The best part about Justlearn is that they communicate with the students in the language they are comfortable in or English. The teachers are given proper training to teach the students in the most easiest and informative manner. So, If you are looking for a Russian language tutor Justlearn is perfect for you.

For More Top Sites To Learn The Russian Language Quickly In A Month Watch This Video


Above mentioned were some good websites through which you can learn Russian and make the learning more interesting.

In This Article, We Have Listed Top 3 Sites To Learn The Russian Language Quickly In A Month