Timeless Jewelry Styles

Rohan Mathew

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When purchasing a new piece of jewelry, you want to ensure that it is an investment and will always be in style. While it’s fun and ok to pick up some trendy items, certain styles are forever and can be worn and treasured always. If you’re interested in updating your jewelry game, be sure to pick something that is timeless, pretty, and fun to wear. Here are some awesome, evergreen accessories!

Heart Items

Pieces you’re sure to fall in love with, heart accessories date way back in history. With a heart being the sole emblem of love and passion, it makes sense to give this accessory as a gift to someone you truly care about.

Modern women are picking up heart accessories for themselves as a sign of self love and independence. Hearts are most popularly featured on pendant necklaces and rings. Usually glitzy and shimmering, hearts come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

Heart jewelry is also popular to wear to symbolize the love between friends or from mother to child!

Butterfly Accessories

Another universally loved and recognized symbol for accessories is the butterfly. Full of sweet spirit, these carefree creatures captivate the beauty and essence of others. Butterfly accessories are most popularly designed in pendant style, however they come in many forms. Also popularly worn as rings, butterflies can be sparkly, colorful, big, or small. One thing’s for sure-they are always in style!


Monogram pieces proudly promote your initials. A jewelry design that has been around for centuries, the trend originated around 350 BC, when Greeks put initials of cities on coins. Soon after, monograms began marking jewelry items, such as pendant necklaces, charms, bracelets, engravings on rings, and even on pocket watches. Today, it’s not uncommon to see monogrammed stud earrings or monogrammed lockets. Always classy, always timeless, monogram pieces also make sentimental hand me down accessories.


Popular during the Victorian era, lockets are one of the most timeless, treasured accessories anyone could own. Making a huge comeback after “Little Orphan Annie” wore one from Daddy Warbucks; lockets are usually passed down from one generation to another. If a coveted locket doesn’t run in the family, pick one up and consider starting your own locket succession! Ranging in shapes from an oval, heart, and even square; these pendant style necklaces come in plenty of shapes, sizes, metals, and colors.

Beaded Bracelets

Simply pretty, stretchy beaded bracelets never go out of style. Easy to slide on and off, they are perfect to wear solo or mix and match together in multiple strands. They help to break up and offset a heavily decorated wrist, by adding that perfect pop of color, smoothness, and shine to any other bracelet set. Usually ultra-affordable, it’s a popular accessory everyone can access!

Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a chic, timeless accessory. Perfect for special occasions, pearls add easy elegance to a little black dress or other formal frock. A strand of pearls can be worn in a long style or doubled up and tied for a more casual look, making them ideal to wear with a plain white tee and jeans. Because freshwater pearl jewellery is timeless and versatile, you can pass them down from one generation to another.


A cultural and universal symbol of luck, clovers are cute accessories to add instant meaning to what you wear. Usually worn in stud earring form, it’s not uncommon to see clover rings or charms on bracelets. A favorite among the Irish, some wearers like to promote not just good luck, but represent their heritage!


Similar to clovers, horseshoes bring good luck and add a simply cool vibe to anything you wear. During Middle Age times, horseshoes were made from metal that were known to ward off evil spirits and bring a layer of protection to those who needed it. After hanging some over doors in doorways, people began to wear them around their neck on a long chain. The rest, they say, is history! Horseshoes are worn on ears, wrists, and fingers!

Cocktail Ring

Big, beautiful baubles never go out of style. These cocktail rings aren’t just for dressy apparel. Sure to give your day to day clothes a pop of color, sparkle, and shine; a cocktail ring features birthstones, gemstones, moonstones, and other stunning rocks set in a variety of ways in popular finishes like gold, silver, or even rose gold. Sleek and chic, they are sometimes the only accessory you need to complete your look, but they do also pair nicely with a diamond wedding bands for women.

Floral Motifs

Pretty floral accessories are also always in style. Timeless because of their organic design and feel, floral motifs such as rose buds, daisies, dahlias, and other flowers add a touch of femininity to basically anything-from jeans, to pant suits, and maxi dresses. Instantly adding a dressy element, many like to wear floral embellished accessories for that reason exactly.


Swift yet sweet, bird emblems are widely recognized as a timeless accessory. Symbolizing either freedom, independence, or patriotism; bird charms often adorn pendant style necklaces, charm bracelets, stud style earrings, or even statement rings. Usually simplistic in design, smooth and small bird shapes are often formed from gold or silver metals.

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Edgy serpents have been around for centuries. Most popularly worn during the times of the Egyptians, snake inspired jewelry is utterly timeless and charming. Adding texture as some variations of the accessory wrap around the finger or even upper arm; a snake accessory can be simple or intricately detailed with etchings of colorful gems. A symbol of power and strength, wearing a snake can also symbolize rebirth since a snake sheds its skin.

Buying some timeless jewelry styles  is important. It not only guarantees your jewelry will never go out of style, but will be universally recognized and appreciated. Perfect to pass down from one generation to the next, timeless jewels never disappoint and can completely transform your day to day or special occasion outfits.