Starting to Understand Bulldogs and How to Keep Them 

Rohan Mathew

Bulldog is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. It is known, this dog is endemic to England. So do not be surprised if some people call it the English Bulldog. At first, this dog was kept as a betting medium because it was often used as a complaint animal. 

However, their opponents are not fellow dogs anymore but wild cows or bulls. Can you see how strong this ancient bulldog was? Even his strength is on par with cows and bulls. This is because the bulldog is one animal that is very tough and not too aggressive. 

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Taking Care the Bulldog Cage 

Caring for a bulldog’s cage is not difficult. It would be best if you made sure that the cage is in a clean and hygienic condition. So you can adjust the cleaning tempo according to the cleanliness of the cage itself. Bulldogs usually splash water everywhere, so the crate will likely feel damp and dirty. Clean the cage and dry it in the sun to make it healthier. 

Things that a bulldog does not like 

Bulldogs are straightforward animals to raise, and it is not too difficult for them to adapt to all conditions. However, some things may take some time to get used to, which is often why they do not like it. 

Bulldogs do not like people they have just met or just seen. Especially if they get into the bulldog’s territory. This form of dislike will be shown in the form of a growl, or he will bark suddenly but still keep his distance from the person. In a position like this, you have to introduce them to the person he just met in order to maintain the comfort of both. 

Not only new people, but bulldogs also really don’t like sudden temperature changes. This usually happens when the bulldog is about to be taken in your car. Those who are originally cunning will tend to be quiet and inactive while in the car. Because they feel the temperature changes in the car caused by the air conditioner greatly affect their instincts. 

Furthermore, bulldogs also really don’t like dirty environments. If they are in this condition, they are prone to skin diseases, which is certainly not very good for your dog’s overall health. Make sure you maintain the cleanliness of the area around your bulldog periodically to anticipate this. 

Characteristics of a Pregnant Bulldog 

If the dog you are mating is pregnant, there are some special characteristics that you can easily spot. First, usually, the female dog’s nipples will swell and protrude after two weeks of mating. At four to five weeks of age, your dog’s waist will start to widen, and his body will probably expand. 

The next phase of the body will be more inflated, and the female dog’s body will get bigger with nipples that are getting fuller because of producing milk. This is usually also accompanied by a change in the dog’s character, who becomes lazy and changes in appetite. 

The way to care for a Bulldog, in general, is not so difficult for the owner. This companion dog breed has a character that is not too active when indoors, so it can get used to activities that are not strenuous. Bulldog breeds do not require a lot of exercise to lose weight; by spending about half an hour every day walking with them, the goal is to burn body calories so they do not accumulate and become a health risk. 

Bulldog pet owners need to find the right time to walk with them. The best time is a cool temperature or no sun exposure like noon. This dog has health problems that can occur because of the character of the face that cannot stand the heat or is too cold. Bulldogs in extreme hot and cold temperatures can make it difficult for them to breathe properly. 

Feeding bulldogs is different from the dog breeds; you know, they eat quite a lot and tend to eat a lot when the owner doesn’t have the right amount. Pets such as bulldogs that are overfed tend to gain weight quickly and become obese. Owners who do not know the appropriate dose need to consult a veterinarian or a bulldog lover to get the appropriate number of calories. Generally, a very active dog will need more food than a dog who has a relaxed life. The flip side to consider is that the quality of dog food you buy or make independently also makes a difference. Some bulldog owners often underestimate the dogfood. You can overfeed your bulldog, but obesity can make its joints more susceptible to disease. If you still have several questions about taking care of a bulldog, find more here at the Bulldog Papa website.