Steal these painting ideas for your living room

Rohan Mathew

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Your living room opens the doors to your abode. Your living room is the face of your house. Just how our face depicts our inner feelings at one glance, our living room dominates and ruminates the character and spirit of our house. Thereby, how we shape our living room, how we design the look of it, it is of great responsibility. With time we are witnessing people turn more aware and conscious about room painting trends, emerging texture designs, and reinventing spaces. The concept of room painting takes under its wings all aspects related to choosing the right shades, how to differentiate colors for different house spaces, the latest and modern color combinations being adopted, and much more.  Whereas, the texture design vogue in wall paintings is very new. It is all about creating diverse patterns and adorning the walls.  Room painting topped with texture designs is exhilarating, refreshing, and welcoming. A small variation and experiment with plain colors can give an altogether new definition to the living space. On this note, we have articled some gorgeous painting ideas that you can certainly steal for your living room.  

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  • Pastel Green and coffee brown is one offbeat combination that is sure to win hearts. Pastel green hues on the walls are comforting, tranquil, and freshening. The coffee brown shades on furniture, frames, doors, and other articles give that subtle balance to the room. 
  • The next in line is beige and tangerine colors. Though opposite in warmth, these two colors when brought together weave magic on the walls. The brilliance and richness of tangerine emit energy while soothing beige brings stability and crispness to the walls.
  • Cobalt Blue and Grey also make for a very popular living room color combination. On the face, both colors are dark and dense but with some upholstery, furniture, and décor introduced in lighter whites, creams, and beige can help create a look that’s sophisticated, edgy, and contemporary.
  • Tinges of Pink and Purple are also being experimented with extensively. Though both the shades belong to the same color family, it paints a dreamy, lavish, and royal-like image. Here you can bring out the variation by working upon your cushions, artifacts, and other properties. In fact, adding some mirror elements can make an attractive statement.
  • The combination of Crimson and Ivory also looks great. Though crimson might appear to be a bold choice at first, when space is designed intricately with furniture and décor in contemporary shades, it is sure to glam up your space. 
  • The most exquisite combination that has found space in this list is earthen colors like clay, neutral, rich cream. They maintain coolness, subtlety and keep you grounded. The best feature that they offer is that you can keep changing the color and vibe of the environment by mixing and matching printed or patterned upholstery, décor, and articles. 
  • Black motifs on light yellow walls are another out-of-the-box textured painting concept that is very popular. Cutting out asymmetrical geographical shapes and designs in black give the yellow walls an artsy, creative and modern look. 

Living rooms are where memories are created. Be it spending time with family or hosting movie nights with friends, we all look forward to getting home from work and louse on that sofa in the living room. When this living space fills up every need in our life, it indeed should be designed in a way that’s striking, impressive, and noticeable. So begin today, go ahead and try out these latest trends and make a statement.

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