Video Chatting Sites Are Modern And Effective Way Of Communications

Rohan Mathew

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With popular video chatting app Zoom gaining unwanted attention online meetings in the news headlines, a few months back, due to security issues, there has been an increase in a universal medium of video conferencing app that can be used by everyone. Thankfully, there are other alternatives too, but as workload increases, they might not be as efficient as Zoom to handle all situations smoothly. Apps like a teleprompter for zoom can make the meeting more meaningful. But what’s more important is to address the security breaches that might be wrapped by the other apps. Here is a list of hacks that you can consider to carry on with your online meetings (formal and informal) and chores effectively and smoothly.

  • Invest in a good HD webcam

If a massive percentage of your professional chores have been turned online by your company, or if you are the head presenter of meetings quite often, then you should consider investing in a good HD webcam. Now that many IT and other companies have declared that a percentage of their employees would be continuing to work from home, even after hitting normalcy, it won’t be a bad decision to make. A top cams sites will ensure your professional meetings, interviews, and tuition classes go smoothly for you, as well as your audience. Better quality of video and clarity will increase your company’s productivity and save all of your precious time.

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  • Switch to a wired connection

A wired connection is far better than wireless internet connection or wifi when it comes to video chatting. Especially, when you need to stay online on video chatting apps continuously, the wireless connection often betrays by breaking off without any prior warning. This may result in shortcomings to record, understand classes, meetings, tasks, and so on. Wired connections offer a wonderful backup in this aspect when compared to wifi.

  • Addressing the security breach

While experts vow over a variety of hacks to reduce data leaks or prevent primary hackings, here are some of the most effective options to consider. Since the time Zoom was reported to have leaked millions of user data into the black web, addressing this elephant in the room never felt so important before that. Although, some alternatives to Zoom can be harmless in this aspect, still, you should take all precautionary measures while using a video chatting app. The best method to prevent security threats is to use a platform without signing in with your credentials. But, this may not be allowed in all video chatting apps. In that scenario, you can try other methods that manipulate your webcam to deter hackers. You should never chat with strangers, and always cover your webcam if attending an unknown one-time meeting or if putting on your webcam isn’t compulsory. Alternatively, you can use a trusted firewall to lock your webcam to keep the bad guys out. Most computers come with an inbuilt firewall, but firewalls often require it to be turned on. If you have never done that, this might as well be an important time to do so.

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Lastly, you can use a VPN to secure your network (which is by far, the best technique) and refrain from clicking any unknown or suspicious links.

  • check whether your webcam is hacked

If you notice your webcam light turning on when you are not using a video chatting app, chances are that your webcam is hacked. However, the lights can also be turned on by some other apps, so check all your apps properly to detect any malfunctioning. An effective way of confirming whether your video chatting app has been hacked is to run a software scan on it. Talk to your trusted tech guide, if you are unable to handle this step alone. Run a security scan on the software(s) you have on your device for video chatting to detect and confirm security breaches, if any.

  • Some important settings to look at

If you have to use any video chatting app regularly, try to sign up using a spare email id that does not contain any stored sensitive data. Make sure your webcam is turned off or covered with a tape, if not compulsory to turn on. Also, refrain from sharing any personal data or sensitive information over video calls or chat, when using a video chatting site. Immediately leave the meeting if you observe any suspicious activity being done by other partners or if you notice any malfunctioning occurring like taking over your screen controls, etc.

These are the overall settings and hacks you can follow while using a video chatting site if you want to prevent unfortunate events of cyberattacks. There may be other more effective solutions too, but the hacks discussed above can be used by any person (even those who do not know much about technology) easily. Do not indulge in any unsocial activities online or if you notice any, immediately leave the site and report it to respected personnel or office.