Stop The Mid-Day Funk – Get Yourself A Gaming App

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If having games on your phone is your priority to give you the needed break, we’ve got you covered. Whether it is iOS or Android, here are some fantastic games to help you stop the mid-day funk:

1. Flow Free

To keep yourself happy and entertained, try Free Flow. It’s free and makes you flow so lightly that you’ll be totally immersed in the gameplay. The concept is easy to understand, but challenging to master – once you start connecting the dots without cutting or hitting the lines, you’ll know what a fantastic game it is! 

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

To break the monotony if you’re sheltering in place, solving a jigsaw puzzle may be the best activity to take up without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It’s one game that needs no intro. The Jigsaw Puzzle app by Easybrain is one of our preferred games on mobile stores to play to achieve that sense of escapism while keeping calm and entertained. Try a puzzle yourself, and you’ll see how comforting it is!

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3. Fishing

Hook as many fishes as you can and finally pull them to the surface to shoot them out of the sky – that’s the ridiculous gameplay of Ridiculous Fishing. While you’re at it, you’d master the tricks and techniques to get better at it and enjoy more. You earn rewards, upgrade your equipment, and do so much more in the game. 

4. Flappy Dunk

The game is a lot more fun than you think. All you got to do is tap on the screen and maneuver the ball up in the air while successfully crossing different obstacles and make high scores. It’s interesting, super challenging, and also really addictive to get you going each day.

5. Crossy Road

While crossing a series of busy streets full of cars, water bodies, and other obstructions, your aim is to help the character reach its destination. What makes the game so popular is its super addicting gameplay and easy to use controls! But it certainly drains your battery, so pay attention to that while playing the game. 

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6. 0h h1

This a perfect game to enhance your critical thinking abilities. The game’s very much like Sudoku, but rather than filling numbers; you’re supposed to fill blue and red-colored tiles onto the grid. There’s no time constraint, no in-app purchases, no ads, sheer puzzling, and that’s all. In short, it’s a no-frills game that you can play just anytime. 

7. Sandwich!

The rules of the game sound easy, but it’s quite a thought-provoking one. It tests your abilities to skillfully toss several conventional and traditional ingredients without making a mess and walking through the different challenges.

So next time you find yourself stuck between the mid-day mental slump, install one of these game apps to entertain and engage you in something productive and purposeful.