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Do you begin your day by reading the newspaper? Or do you listen to the radio to get the current news? Whatever the means of the source maybe, but the main point is that we are all eager to know what’s happening around the world through different mass media sources. Although every person has a different area of interest in the newspaper like some are interested in politics, some in sports, others want to know weather conditions across the country, and many other areas of interest.

Not all people read or listen to the news for the same purpose as every person has their area of interest, so the reason to get daily news. Youngsters use journalism as an educational tool; they get the daily news about different events, conferences, sports, or launch of any missile, spacecraft, or any other news from mass media. Such articles are beneficial for them as they make them aware and get knowledge about all the happenings around the world. It is a part of their syllabus if they are preparing for any competitive exam.

Moreover, different news sources not only make us aware of various events all around the world, but it is a great source of inspiration and knowledge for many of us. It provides us with many art and craft articles to enhance our creativity by learning different skills. Reading news is a good habit to build as it opens our minds and improves our language skills.

Thus we need to learn about different sources of news that provide us with purposeful information.The source may be any person, document, files, institute, publication, social media, etc., that feeds information in the public interest. These sources disseminate all the information gathered by them timely to media content and publications. Let us study the best sources of news in journalism-


Different news sources in journalism

The major news sources include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, press interviews, press conference, press news, press statement, press release, hospitals, police stations, courts, and many others. Let’s discuss a few of them below-

Newspaper and magazines

This is the most common and cheapest source of mass media. It is easily affordable to all and covers both national and international news. We get to know about all events, conferences, elections, sports, etc., happening in different parts of the country or across the world. Apart from this, some stories, games, and jokes section is also there to refresh our mind from daily workings. It is also a helpful tool to find a job near your city, or if you are searching for a recognized university, you may get detail about various institutions from this.


Radio is the oldest means of mass media used by people for years. However, it is the traditional method to get the daily news, but it is a very effective tool that many people still use to get daily news updates. It is easy to carry anywhere along with you. You may be surprised to know, but almost all newspapers in the country use this source to gather news from the major foreign radio and then publish it in the newspaper. Thus newspaper benefits a lot from the news broadcasted on the radio because it covers all the latest news topics or events happening all around.

Moreover, it is the cheapest way to gather or listen to the latest news as it does not charge any monetary cost.


Television is the most convenient and latest source to gather national and international news across the globe. It also covers all the drawbacks in radio and newspaper; it allows us to hear and view the events or any sport happening in another corner of the country. This makes the news more interesting and reliable as people see the events or scenes of the picture in front of them.

Apart from this, it is also an important source for the newspaper to gather and listen to the news which is broadcasted on the television. Thus it is a great source of information for the newspaper to publish authentic and reliable news for the readers. TV establishments also enter into contracts or agreements with film reporters for mutual exchange of information.

Press conferences

Most people are generally unaware of this mode of information to gather important news. This is basically a type of meeting specially called by some famous personality or concern organization to talk to journalists, answer their questions, or declare a necessary official statement. The reason to call a press conference is made clear in advance by declaring a statement for which the press conference is called. Thus the organization or person who called the press conference is prepared on the topic to disseminate information. It is like an interview where all the genuine questions from various journalists are answered.

Police stations

It is the best source to gather information about a particular area or city. Every incident, event, or mishappening that occurred nearby or within the city is recorded in the local police station. Thus reporters maintain links with the police record department to gather authentic and secure information. To get the daily updates about various happenings in the city, a news reporter rings up in the police station. After getting the information, the news reporter precedes further or even visits the police station to know more in detail. In this way, the newspaper gets genuine and reliable content from the police station in the city.

Final thought 

This article covers all the major sources of information to get daily updates about current news. These sources are safe and secure networks to gather important updates about various matters. However, the newspaper and radio are the traditional ways to gather news but still are most commonly used by a wide population because it is the cheapest and most convenient way to know about what’s happening within the different parts of the country and even get timely updates about other countries. 

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