The Advantages Of App Store Optimization

Rohan Mathew

The Advantages Of App Store Optimization

Marketing professionals and app designers often ignore the benefits of App Store Optimization or ASO. After the development stage, and the app has been hosted on the respective platforms such as the Play Store and App store, the job of smartphone app marketers is to think of innovative ways of marketing the app. 

There are several ways to market an app, such as social media, paid ads, or blogs. The ways are endless, and we won’t elaborate on them since they are not in focus right now. These methods have their utility, but relying on them solely won’t be advisable. Sometimes, poor-quality snapshots of your app on the app store, some bad reviews, and a vague description could spell bad news for your app’s success. 

ASO is necessary to enhance your app’s rank and boost its discoverability on any app store. If your app has a higher rank when someone searches for a related subject, it automatically leads to a higher chance of people downloading it. Let us have a look at the ways in which ASO can benefit your app.

Leads to more brand awareness

The primary objective of ASO is to increase the ranking of an app. Consequently, it is also an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness. The most common way of finding new apps is when the audience inputs a keyword, and the app with a good ranking is shown on top, so it gains new users. If the app is a good fit for their requirements, they will proceed to download it, and you will acquire a new customer. 

So, we can see that app store optimization acts as an enabler in letting more people know about your app and the company in general. It is common marketing knowledge that an improvement in brand awareness leads to the acquisition of new customers and the inflow of more revenue for the business. 

Results in increased visibility and makes a distinct position for the app

A well-developed and well-designed app cannot be considered successful if it is unable to reach a lot of customers. Getting to your customers is the next step after building a fantastic app. And you can only reach customers when you have good visibility on the App Store. This visibility can be acquired easily with app store optimization. When your app is more visible, you get rewarded for all your hard work.

You save up on future costs

Most app discoveries are made through organic searches by people looking to fulfill their requirements. So when some users start looking for an app, your app will have a higher ranking than its competition. This is only possible if you spend money on ASO in the present so that you won’t have to keep spending for marketing costs in the future. 

When your app gets an established position on the app store and does not lose it, the expenditure of working on brand awareness and acquiring new customers reduces significantly. You need not spend a single penny since the higher ranking will achieve that free of cost. To conclude, if you divert your resources towards having a constant ranking on the App Store, your future expenditure is avoided. 

You can reach the correct audience

You don’t need random people to discover your app. If someone uninterested in the category finds the app, there is a high chance that he won’t download it. If a high schooler discovers a retirement planning app, he will just scroll past it since the app has no utility to him.

App store optimization helps in finding the right users for your app. It targets only the audience that is relevant to the app’s content and not just anyone. What ASO does is that it compares the keywords entered and the description of the app and connects the two together. 

Ensures that apps have a sustainable path

Various marketing strategies are not a reliable solution for getting downloads consistently and uniformly. ASO is a better option than these since it is a more organic approach. Suppose a brand releases an advertising campaign; there is no doubt that there are many downloads in the beginning. However, there is a saturation phase where marketing efforts do not produce a proportional result. 

This means that apps cannot sustain paid advertising in the long term. On the other hand, with a robust app optimization strategy, the app does not lose its relevance soon, and the number of downloads does not lessen. These are possible through organic search results. 


There are plenty of benefits in store if you choose to go with app store optimization. The cost to benefit ratio is exceptional, and you will surely gain good returns on your investment with the help of ASP.