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Waking up with a tangled mess? Or perhaps you’re refusing to shower because, let’s be honest, who has the time to blow-dry their hair? Many women face these issues every day, creating stress and anxiety. At Grace & Company, we’ve created luxury shower caps that solve this everyday problem, making women’s lives easier and more luxurious.

The Proper Investment

We’ve all seen those flimsy, plastic shower caps at the hotels. They have the thinnest elastic band, almost always fit too loose or too tight with their one-size-fits-all approach, and don’t look flattering to put on. But before you sit there trying to bobby pin the plastic to your

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head, consider this alternative: what if there was a shower cap out there that made showering actually luxurious?

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That’s where the Grace & Company shower cap collection steps in. Made up of study material and thick elastic, your hair isn’t going to be accidentally falling out, and you won’t need a single bobby pin. Finally, a shower cap worth investing in.

Superior material with a Luxurious Feel

You’ll see why we choose premium performance fabric for all our luxury shower caps. Our material is comfortable to wear, sturdy and durable, and 100% waterproof. The fabric has a soft feel to it, making it comfortable and easy to wear in the shower. The material is also made to be long-lasting and is reusable. You can wash it without worrying that it’ll come apart easily as it’s a heavy-duty shower cap. The material is also 100% waterproof and also prevents humidity from ruining your hairstyle. There is a breathable lining within the cap that stops frizz from happening, giving your hair an extra layer of protection.


Shower in Luxury

Step into the lap of luxury when you wear the Grace & Company shower cap. You’ll save your hairstyle, your time, and your money with this luxury cap. You can finally enjoy hot, steamy showers with your hair 100% protected with the superior, 100% waterproof material. You’ll be able to extend your hairstyle easily by keeping your hair dry with the premium performance fabric. And it’s an investment you can’t miss out on as the shower cap is reusable, meaning you can wash it like any other piece of clothing. You’re guaranteed an easy shower with no frizz, no wet hair, and the ease of enjoying your hairstyle longer.

Comes in Three Chic Designs for the Modern Woman

We all know a woman’s sense of fashion is as unique as her hair, and we incorporate this at Grace & Company. Our shower cap comes in three eye-catching styles: Casablanca, Lemon Drop, and Lucie. Casablanca is a classic black and white polka dot patterned shower cap, whereas Lemon Drop has a stylish blue and yellow pattern. Lucie is eye-catching with its

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leopard print over a blush background. All three have a beautiful bow accent along the front and folds in the fabric, giving that tight, chic look. Now you can be a fashion icon and enjoy dry hair with your showers all the time.

Customizable for Your Unique Hair – luxury shower caps

Every strand of hair is unique, which is why our customizable shower cap will fit your hair like a glove. With its expandable pocket to fill extra-long braids, you can simply tuck it all in and go. Or, if you decide to cut it short, you’ll still get that beautiful fit with the shower cap. And with an adjustable bow for extra comfort and snugness, you’ll look flawless with a cap that is slip-resistant, waterproof, and made specifically for your unique hair. 

Going Green is Fashionable

We think it’s great that green trends are so popular. A healthy planet means a better place for us and the next generation to live. Our luxury shower caps incorporate this ideal, using reusable material that gives your cap durability and time resistance. With proper care, they can be used for many years to come. And by investing in a washable, reusable shower cap instead of a one-time disposable cap, you’re helping us all make the world a cleaner, greener place.

A Crown Fit for a Queen

What feels like a tailored fit, our luxury shower caps will entice you to try it out for a variety of hair care reasons, all while keeping your hair safe from water, frizz, and tangles. And when wearing it to bed, you’ll wake up with your hair in place and easy to manage in the morning. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself. We like to think that every woman is unique and special, and deserves to be recognized as a queen in her own way. A fashionable, luxurious, and easy way. Ours is the Grace & Company way, with a product designed by women, for women. A crown fit for a queen.