The best food trucks in New York

Rohan Mathew

The best food trucks in New York

Locals and tourists agree that in New York City, you have to eat on the street. Part of the charm of the Big Apple is walking through town and ordering donuts, shawarma or tacos from one of its thousands of street stalls and food trucks.

These stalls are all part of the attraction in the big city, and one of the many activities that all NYC visitors should definitely experience. In fact, any worthwhile New York Food tour will include not only restaurants (of which there are many) but also food trucks on its itinerary, for a full overview of typical New York food.

New York is a city of immigrants, and its cuisine is similarly multicultural as a result, blending European, Oriental and American influences.

In this article we will highlight the best food trucks in the city – the ones that provide a unique, high-quality eating experience right there in the middle of the street. This is a side of New York cuisine which is far removed from luxurious restaurants, instead centered around stalls all over the city, whose aromas and flavors attract visitors from far and wide.

If you are thinking of taking a New York food tour on your travels, the city’s street stalls are sure to provide you with a pleasant surprise.

What are food trucks?

Food trucks are vehicles that are specially refurbished and equipped for the making and selling of food. They are mobile and can park anywhere in the city, although they tend to stay in one place.

Due to space-related restrictions, some of these stalls sell fast food, but many offer meals that are made to order, and cooked from scratch. The range of delicacies produced in many of these stalls will blow your mind.

Food trucks have become incredibly popular, and can be found not only on the streets, but at festivals, recitals, fairs and outdoor events.

Food trucks you need to check out during your trip to New York

Thousands of food trucks line the streets of New York City, which is why this article aims to narrow the list down to four “can’t-miss” stalls. Let’s get started!

#1- The first is SOUVLAKI GR, a Greek food stall which stands practically alone in the city. Souvlaki is actually a restaurant, with dozens of food trucks scattered throughout New York. Two of their mainstays are in Wall Street and Midtown, catering to hungry office workers during their lunch breaks.

If you manage to visit a Souvlaki food truck, we recommend ordering the pork or chicken souvlaki – a fantastic combination of flavors in a very special dish… You won’t regret it!

#2 – In second place we have WAFELS AND DINGES. This food truck can usually be found on the corner of Bryant Park, serving waffles of all shapes, sizes and flavors. It has become one of the city’s most beloved food trucks thanks to its wide range of sweet and savory dishes.

When visiting this stall, we recommend the Spekuloos waffle, topped with a cookie-based spread.

#3 – Third place goes to the KORILLA BBQ food truck, which serves South Korean food – typical Korean barbecue, as well as burritos or tacos – and has become one of the most sought after meals in New York. 

The food truck has made a name for itself by constantly roaming the city streets, blasting out house music so that residents know it’s coming. Long lines of visitors are commonplace, so be prepared for to wait.

If you visit Korilla BBQ, we suggest that you order the Kimchi Time Bowl, a delicious blend of meat, peppers, garlic, rice, Chinese cabbage, and onion.

#4 – Finally, we need to mention GO BURGER whose food, while not 100% “homemade”, is among the best and most well-known in town. Run by chef Rodelio Aglibot , from the BLT gourmet burger chain, the truck uses only the finest-quality produce, and it shows.

Go Burger hamburgers are beyond compare, as you will find out if you try one. Try the BLT burger, with lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon and special sauce, for an unforgettable NYC experience.