What to Include in a Digital Strategy for Your Business

Rohan Mathew

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What to Include in a Digital Strategy for Your Business

It is essential to have a digital strategy for your business. Everything is digitalized nowadays, and the internet is the best way to grow your business. The consumers are online, and they are also searching online. This makes it even more important to include a Digital Strategy in your overall business strategy.

Digital Strategy Basics

The basics of your digital strategy cover all the digital mediums of your business. Firstly, you have to track the digital presence of your business, develop buyer personas, identify goals and curate a content plan.

Digital Presence

If you are starting from scratch, then you have the liberty to create a digital presence. You can select the social media platforms you want to use. You can choose the website orientation and the use-case of the name of your business.

If you already have some digital presence, then you have to curate all the data in one place. You must note all the virtual channels that derive traffic. You can also add the available analytics – 

  • The preferences of the users
  • The posts users liked the most
  • The average time spent on a post
  • The time when users are the most active

Once you gather all the data points, you will be able to develop a more thorough digital presence sheet. You would know if your current presence is helping your business or not. This will help you to analyze future strategies.

Buyer Personas

In the end, it is all about the user – the buyer. Buyer personas are the characteristics of your potential and targeted audience. IAs a guide in creating customer avatars, otherwise known as buyer personas, it should include demographic details, social pointers, and other noted online behaviors. If you have data points, then behavior analytics can also be used as a part of buyer personas. It is important to distinguish the buyer persona for strategy – as strategies work differently for different segments. Best use a solid platform like WatchThemLive and use its visitor tracking feature to create a better buyer persona.

Digital Marketing Goals

Your strategy should be formulated basis your goals. Is it conversion that you are looking for that you just want to spread awareness about your business?

You can divide this into long-term and short-term goals and work accordingly. Your long-term goals focus on your long-term vision of your business – the level of engagement, the interaction with consumers, and your online brand. The short term can be monthly and focus more on data. You can set numeric goals as to the following:

  • Traffic to the website
  • Conversion percentage
  • Social media engagement – followers, likes, comments, shares
  • Response rate 

Content Strategy

Be it your webpage or your social media channels, you have to work through the content. So, it becomes crucial to adopt a smooth and effective content strategy. You can try to make a digital calendar – this will include the details regarding the content on captions, content on images, and webpages content. Even your SEO strategy will be a part of this. SEO is good for ranking, and you must try to add keywords to your content.

Plan organic and paid marketing strategy

Organic strategies are more focused on the quality of your content. It is based on matching the right audience with the right type of content. In terms of paid content – you have to make a plan for Ads. There are many ads running online – Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and whatnot. You must set a budget and accordingly plan for ads. The planning of ads will run simultaneously with the planning of content. You must research well and make attractive ad videos and posts.


It is essential to compile all your points together. You can also invest in visitor tracking, session replay software, and landing page optimization tools. You can take out the starting week or the ending week of the month for planning and strategy. Your monthly digital marketing strategy is quite critical to your business’s performance for that month. So, keep reflecting, researching, and restructuring your strategy.