The Best PvE Tactic in WOW

Rohan Mathew


The best strategy to progress quickly in the PvE, which stands for Person versus Environment, is coordinated teamwork. No raid can happen without your clan acting in unison. 

Then other factors come into play: skill sets, character classes, artifacts, gear, personal experience, and so on. 

But whether you’re planning to raid the Ashazara’s Palace or crave the mythic +15 boost, it’s still a #1 priority to know whom you’re doing the job with. It’s almost like recruiting gunmen for a bank heist.

We’ve prepared a quick guide on how to be successful in the PvE gameplay.

PvE Commandments

These are universal rules that apply to both rookies and seasoned veterans — PvE mechanics basically stay the same. It’s just their difficulty grows.

  • Right Team

If you’re only beginning, you can’t qualify to be on a team like Limit or Pieces. So, you need a team according to your character level, experience, and raid mastery — search a realm’s forum for that.

Check their raiding progress with the WoW Prog Stats to see how efficient they are. Avoid overly toxic parties, as no loot is worth having to deal with passive (or active) aggression.

Here’s an interesting detail: loot-oriented guilds always search for players to have a 30-player roster filled. This increases your chances to partake in a mythic dungeon raid.

  • Gear

Aim for gear that suits your class and tactics best. For instance, if you play as a Shaman in Shadowlands, you will benefit from such stuff as Epaulettes of the Master Ranger, Greaves of Extermination, Forbidden Necromantic Tome, and so on.

  • Research

You must know your character class like the back of your hand. Knowing the strong and weak sides of a Fire Mage, Demon Hunter, or Death Knight will serve as the basis for strategizing and creative approach towards raiding.

You will find plenty of info for your particular class from S to D tier-lists online with gear, talent, strategy, and other clues. Just don’t get too experimental in the middle of a boss fight.

  • Coordination

A well-coordinated effort is a key to success. Join your party’s Discord or Zoom and act in unison with the team. Overcome your shyness asap — it’s crucial to communicate with the party. 

It’s okay to show initiative if you think your clan is failing and you have the right solution. But following the general plan is the best method. Otherwise, you might unintentionally sabotage the party’s success. (Like Leroy Jenkins).

  • Get Help

If you don’t want to spend up to 30 hours every week on raids alone, joining a professional team is the best thing you can do.

Such a pro team can guarantee that every raid will be a success. And you will earn:

  • Mythic loot.
  • More experience.
  • Higher rank among other players.
  • Extra perks: Anima, Potency, Endurance, conduits, and so on.

You’ll have to be present on the team during the raid. Although, all the hard work will be done for you. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any fun — get into action and claim your part of the dungeon glory. And the best part: you don’t need to be a tough veteran at all.