The Dark Ages And Rebirth Of Fitness

Rohan Mathew


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The gym that you run today with rows of weight machines, barbells, dumbbells, cardio, and resistance training equipment has taken eras to come into being. From the ancient Greek gymnasiums to the modern gyms located in Dallas, humanity has witnessed a remarkable evolution in the fitness industry’s history.

The Beginning Of The Fitness Industry

Life in ancient times was physically much more demanding. At that time, people used to move rocks manually, chopped trees, etc. Before the rise of technology and the industrial revolution, everything was dependent on manual effort. There were no online stores, no net banking, no robots. People had to grow their food, do their laundry, clean their homes. They also had to build their own house. 

Most of the people used to walk even for crossing countries. Only the wealthiest people had boats, horses, or bullock carts to ride. Our ancestors didn’t rely on technologies or machines. They had to use their body for survival. The active and physically demanding ancient lifestyle used to keep people in shape.  

However, with modernization, things have drastically changed for humans in general and Americans in particulars. Despite the wealthiest country globally, we are also one of the sickest and fattest nations on the globe. We have dependent so much on technology and machines. Just look around, you will understand that most of the people are not 100% fit now. In a situation like this, you must join gyms located in Dallas to level up your fitness.

The first public gym was established in Greece. It is fair to conclude that the root of the modern day’s fitness industry is in Greece. The word “gym” is an acronym for “gymnasium.” And “gymnasium” has come from the Greek word “gymnos,” which means naked. At that time, the gym was a place for education but only for men. Ancient Greek people used to learn physical education in a gymnasium. Later the Greek authorities created several public gymnasiums for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Many of these gyms have also been used for hosting Olympics. Fitness has always been a part of ancient Greek philosophy, and the modern fitness industry is a product of that.

The Dark Ages Of Fitness

After the decline of the Greco-Roman Empires, things changed a lot in Greece. In this chaotic power struggle, people failed to pursue a fit and carved body. Along with philosophy, music, and art, gymnasium also disappeared from the ancient Greek civilization. It was the darkest age for fitness.

Rebirth Of Fitness

Back in the 19th-century, gym culture made a minor comeback in Germany. Of course, those gymnasiums didn’t look like the modern gyms located in Dallas. In the middle of the 19th century, public schools also started to create gymnasiums for encouraging pupils in fitness. It was the time that rekindled people’s appreciation for staying fit and their fascination with looking aesthetically beautiful. It boosted the fitness culture once again. 

The Origin Of Commercial Gyms

French gymnast Hippolyte Trait was the person who built the first commercial gym on earth. However, he didn’t open the gym in France but in Belgium’s capital Brussels. In the year 1840, Hippolyte Triat opened the gym, and at the end of the 19th century, an entrepreneur Eugen Sandow built the second commercial gym on earth. In 1901, Mr. Sandow also staged a physique contest that highly promoted the fit lifestyle across Europe. 

In the year 1844, The YMCA became the fitness hub for men. It was established in London. According to The YMCA website, the first building for gymnasiums was built in 1869. In 1881, Robert J. Roberts first coined the word “bodybuilding.” It is believed that The Boston Young Men’s Christian Union is the first gym in the USA. Now, gyms located in Dallas are known as the best place in Texas for bodybuilding. 

Women’s Movement

In the 19th century, women used to participate in various recreational fitness sports like tennis, badminton, dancing, horse riding, etc. In the 20th-century, women’s fitness culture started to shift when physical education became compulsory for girls. 

US Fitness Industry

Due to the pandemic, the US fitness industry has declined by 13.2%. But it is expected that by the end of 2021, the number of US health club members will reach 67.3 million. The calculation also said that the memberships would reach up to 71.9 million by the end of 2023. Finally, we will say that regular exercise is the best habit to develop to stay fit physically and mentally. Join any of the gyms located in Dallas and level up your fitness game.