Will Robots Take Our Jobs: 3 Reasons You Have Nothing to Worry About

Rohan Mathew

Fast forward four years and robots are expected to have wiped out 85 million jobs. According to the same source, though, they’ll have created 97 million new ones.

So, will robots take our jobs? It’s a yes-and-no kinda deal!

Regardless of the precise course of events to come, though, it’s clear we don’t have to worry too much. Want to find out why? Check out these 3 reasons to be hopeful about your employment prospects in spite of robots, AI, and automation.

  1. Robots Create More Jobs Than They Cut

There’s no denying it. The rise of robots and artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the current job market! It’s likely that various roles (especially menial and low-skilled ones) will fall into the hands of robotic creations in the years to come.

Recall the reassuring statistic in our intro though. Despite the loss of jobs in some industries, we can expect a boost to our employment prospects overall. New roles and responsibilities (many of them related to tech) will arise for us to leverage.

To put it another way, robots won’t eradicate our job market. They’re going to change it. If you’re concerned, then the technical resources on this website and others like it can help you prepare for the shifts to come.

  1. Life Is Complicated

Modern technology’s both amazing and advancing at pace. Yet it’s still lightyears away from creating sentient bots that can do everything humans can.

Sure, if you work on a factory line or as a delivery person, it’s worth considering a change of profession. Robots can do your job better, without breaks, and for less money, which is a winning combination for any employer.

Ask yourself, though, would you want your hair cut by a robot? Would you want them to look after your child while you go to work? How about cooking your favorite meal, offering marriage counseling, or giving you a shoulder massage?

The reality’s that there are some jobs robots can’t do (and will, probably, never be able to). Put yourself in a position to perform these tasks and you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to automation and jobs.

  1. Robots Are Already Here!

It’s worth noting that the robot revolution has, to an extent, already happened. They might not be walking among us like a scene from the futuristic Will Smith movie, iRobot. But they’re definitely operating in society!

Think about drone deliveries, surgical procedures, self-driving cars, and bomb disposal bots. These robotic devices are here and having a profound positive impact on our lives…and, more to the point, you still have your job.

Will Robots Take Our Jobs? No!

It’s understandable to feel concerned by the rising role of robots in society. Thankfully, there’s much less to worry about than The Terminator would have you believe- especially in the realm of employment.

If you’ve been asking “will robots take our jobs” recently, we hope the insights in this post have settled your nerves! Pick your profession wisely and you’ll be fine. To read more articles like this one, search ‘technology’ on the website now.