The Different Types Of CSGO Accounts For Sale

Rohan Mathew

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Are you wondering what the different types of CSGO Accounts for sale are? Check out this guide to learn about them. 

What Are CSGO Smurf Accounts?

High-ranked players always get to match with and against highly skilled gamers only. However, sometimes to refresh themselves, they want to play with less competent players. In that case, they buy low-ranked CSGO accounts; usually silver ranked. 

So when a high-ranked player buys a silver-ranked or gold nova account, it is known as the CSGO Smurf account. 

In CSGO ranking, silver is the lowest and gold nova comes at the second last position. 

Since the smurf players know everything about CSGO gaming, it becomes easy for them to win the matches. Besides, smurfing also helps the low-rank players as they get to watch the game play of a skilled gamer and learn from them. 

The person or player who smurfs is known as The Carry. To become the smurf of your group, all you have to do is buy a CSGO smurf account. You can easily search on the web and get credible information to Buy CSGO Accounts

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What Are CSGO Prime Accounts?

Prime accounts help you to improve your matchmaking. As a Prime user, you will only be matched with fellow Prime users. This reduces the risks of encountering cheaters and hackers to a great extent. Moreover, you get access to exclusive items, skins, and weapons. 

If you can invest months in playing CSGO with basic weapons, you can earn Prime for free once you reach Profile Level 21. However, if you do not want to spend months to achieve Prime status, you can simply buy CSGO Prime accounts. 

What Are Non-Prime CSGO Account?

Since CSGO is a free-to-play game, you will get a Non-Prime CSGO account if you start as a beginner. Moreover, you will also be paired with and against Non-Prime users. As a Non-Prime player, you will encounter a lot of cheaters and hackers in your match. 

You will be amused to know that Non-Prime accounts are also sold at cheap rates. Players who want to test their cheats buy such accounts. This helps them to save their time from creating a new account. 

How To Find a Credible Third-Party Website?

Many sites on the web provide CSGO accounts. However, a lot of them are fraud and not reliable. So the first thing that you need to ensure is that you find a legal source. You can read the reviews from fellow players and also take advices from them. 

When you buy an account, ensure that you receive every detail of it and the Email ID. Moreover, don’t forget to go through their terms and conditions and the process of buying. 

After analyzing these things, if you find the source credible, you can buy your Smurf or Prime accounts from them. 

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What Type Of Accounts Does Most Players Buy?

This depends on the requirements and the type of player you are. For instance, Smurf players usually purchase either CSGO Smurf accounts or CSGO Legendary Eagle Accounts. 

If you want to enhance your rank and playing experience, you can go for Prime accounts. Many users buy Global Elite accounts as this rank is very challenging to achieve. 

Avid gamers usually have different accounts. For instance, if they want to play keenly and in a highly competitive match, they use the Prime accounts. And if they are going to play with less competent players to refresh themselves, they can go for the Smurf accounts. 

Moreover, the players who have a significantly low budget buy accounts that are lower-ranked. One of the most highly-priced CSGO accounts is the ones with the veteran coins, i.e., they consist of 5 to 10 years old coins. These accounts are rare and have a very high value among the CSGO players.  

The Bottom Line

All in all, this guide includes all the information about CSGO accounts. Moreover, you can also find the tips to choose CSGO accounts here. All you have to do is find a credible source after determining the type of account you want to purchase. So get your CSGO account today and enhance your gaming experience. 

Thank you for reading!