The Presence of Bitcoin in Gaming

Rohan Mathew

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Gaming doesn’t seem to get boring one bit since new kinds of titles are redefining genres. In other words, game development companies are producing new games and making sure that they get a good reception. That’s how players from all over the world have the chance to try something new and exciting.

The gaming industry is a big follower of trends. Technological ones make sure that it advances with each improvement that happens. That’s how the next-gen consoles are born, and the next-gen graphics come to be. Better PCs also spring up which is why all kinds of gamers can enjoy the many games that the industry produces.

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That’s how Bitcoin made a place for itself there. Naturally, it’s an accepted payment method, but it’s an inspiration to many game development companies. Developers made all kinds of Bitcoin titles and they have received positive feedback, which means that more of them will be on the way. If you’re looking to try some of these titles out, here are some suggestions:

Altcoin Fantasy

If you’re looking to become a Bitcoin trader then you will make good use of Altcoin Fantasy. This app gives you a virtual exchange and some virtual assets to buy and sells. Some market research tools will also be available so you can better understand the market and make your trading decisions.

In short, you’ll get all the training needed to become a beginner Bitcoin trader. What this app also offers is more than one competition. In these competitions, you can show off your trading skills and if you make it to the top then you’ll be rewarded with a specific Bitcoin amount. The prize is available in the form of other cryptocurrencies as well.

If trading seems like too much, you can go for a trading platform like Immediate Edge. This platform does the same things that a human trader would do since it’s based on settings that you decide on. This means you’ll need to train a bit which is why the platform offers a demo lesson and some tutorials. Naturally, you’ll need to register and make a small deposit. Once the training’s done then you can set the platform and go for a live session. Afterward, you can experiment with the settings as much as you want with every following life session.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a trading card game which means you’ll get to see lots of factions and lots of cards. You’ll also face many opponents and by defeating them you will get better cards as you advance in the game. When it comes to building a strong deck you can beat other duelists or you can use Bitcoin to get better cards and other collectibles.

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Merge Cats

This is a matching game that gives you all kinds of cats for you to match. The more symbols you match in Merge Cats the more points you’ll get which will take you to the next level of the game. Also, you’ll be introduced to the various daily challenges the game has to offer. If you complete enough of them then you’ll get some interesting prizes that come in the form of specific Bitcoin amounts.


As the value of this virtual currency is doing pretty well it’s evident that Bitcoin will have an important role to play in the future. This means that it will also influence the gaming industry as it has already made a positive impact on it by spawning multiple Bitcoin titles which have received positive feedback. So, the presence of Bitcoin in gaming will just get bigger as the industry expands, which means more such titles will be available on the market.