The Various Applications Of File Compression

Rohan Mathew

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Once your streaming video platform has started running smoothly, it’s natural that you forget to compress the video every time. When a video is shot, the file size increases greatly, and there is nothing wrong with that. But after the video shooting is done and you have edited it, the next aspect that you must look for is to compress files. If you do not compress the file before uploading, many people might not be interested to watch your video. It’s because a lot of their internet consumption will get over.

With the advancement in technology, many tools are there in the market, reducing the video size. Once the video gets compressed, you will see that many people are able to watch your video. However, to know more about the applications of video compressors, go ahead and spend some time reading the article.

  • Increase your reach

Around 10% of the worldwide internet connections can deliver only 25 Mbps. It means even if you need to watch a video or a series on Amazon Prize or Netflix, you must have at least 25 Mbps for Ultra HD. However, if the videos are compressed before uploading, the efficiency can be increased, by 40%. It means that the videos can be watched in 15 Mbps. As a result, more users will watch Netflix, indicating more customers on board. So, compressing video is an important aspect, and you should do it so that you can get more views on your video.

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  • Enhances picture quality

Decreasing the length of the bandwidth that you need to stream the video can have a huge impact. Also, it means a lot of your money is saved, and people would not hesitate to watch your video as they know it will not consume more bandwidth. A versatile software can enhance the picture quality by compressing the video. Thus, compress your video before you upload it on your social media platform.

  • Decrease buffering

No doubt that buffering is a complete turn-off and sometimes the buffering is to such an extent that you will lose interest in watching the video. One of the main reasons for this situation is a lack of bandwidth between the video client device and the streaming server. With that, the video freezes, and the viewers need to wait till the picture arrives.

But how about reducing the bandwidth while watching the video? In this instance, you will not face any bandwidth issue while streaming the video. It allows you to watch the video in one go itself. But it’s only possible when you choose an excellent video compressor available in the market.

  • Decrease storage needs

Increasing the video compression efficiency indicates that the videos take up a lesser place when you download them. When a video consumes less space to store, you do not need a hard disk or an external device. You can keep a lot of videos on one device only. As a result, it also reduces expenses as you do not need to spend your money on purchasing a hard disk.

  • Better performance

Not only has a compressed video help in saving money and increasing the storage spaced, but also the performance increases. Popular platforms like Amazon and Netflix allow clients to download videos and watch them later. When the video is compressed, it leads to faster and smaller downloads. Thus, customers can store the video conveniently on their devices. With that, even when you need to download movies, you can do it in seconds.

  • Easy to share

It becomes easier to share a compressed video across people and also on social media platforms. Additionally, when people like your video and see that it’s short and compressed, they will share it. But if it consumes a lot of time and bandwidth, there is a high chance people will not opt for it. When you share the videos with people, you get more views. Thus, it helps you to reach more people, which otherwise was not possible.

  • A great way of advertising

Videos are a great way of advertising the company’s services and products. For example, when you look for a product on Amazon, you will come across some videos. The video is uploaded to explain the features of the product, convincing customers to purchase it. It’s true that when customers look at a product video, they opt for it.

But if a product video is not compressed, customers will prefer not to watch it. In this situation, video advertising fails, and there is no such change in the sales of the company. Therefore, consider compressing a video before uploading it so that your objective of reaching more people and convincing them to purchase the product is fulfilled.

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  • Easy to transfer through Gmail

As you know that you cannot transfer a file through Gmail if it’s more than 25MB. In some places, it becomes tough, as you don’t know what to do. But if you opt for video compression, you can attach the video file and transfer it.

Not only that but also a brilliant software would allow you to transfer a lot of video files in one email. It’s a great way to send a video file to people who opt for your brand and love receiving videos from the brand they prefer. Therefore, video compression is such an aspect that you cannot ignore. The above applications are enough to explain why you should consider a video compressor without any doubt.

Why does it matter?

Compression of a video with well-defined software, like Wondershare Uniconvertor, can turn out to be more effective. It reduces the bandwidth, decreases the cost, and helps the video reach more people. Therefore, you should go ahead and use an excellent tool to compress the video. If you still seem to be confused, you can upload a compressed video and a non-compressed video. The difference in the views will give an answer to your question. Quite evidently, a compressed video will be the key to attracting viewership and making it easily watchable.