Rohan Mathew


In the world of technology, artificial intelligence refers to a human-like intelligence that is performed by a robot, a machine, or a computer. AI or artificial intelligence includes the ability of a machine to surprisingly mimic the capabilities of mankind minds gaining from their experiences and instances by understanding and replying to language, identifying objects, building decisions, and solving queries, combining all of these and other various capabilities to undertake certain functions humans may perform just like driving a car, maintaining hotel guests, etc. 

For a long time, AI has been an important part of our daily lives, and its advancement has been made possible by the availability of vast amounts of data, as well as the widespread availability of computer systems that can analyse and process data quicker and more precisely than people. 

Artificial intelligence concludes our sentences as we type them and provides us directions when we ask for them. The most used applications of AI, like medical image analysis, have allowed experts to execute important jobs more speedily and successfully. 

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Keyboards: 

Modern-day mobile keyboards are a combination of newly developed artificial intelligence Technologies. The main job of artificial intelligence in mobile phone keyboards is to correctly check mistakes and enable you to switch between the wide options of languages and have a look at what you are going to type after already typing a word. 

Regional Keyboards are also inbuilt with emoji prediction features that are done with the help of artificial intelligence only. It understands your regional language and all major Indic languages. It is possible only through the concept of artificial intelligence that you can conserve your time in forecasting what you are going to be typing next, which emoji you are going to be selecting as per your texts, etc. 

We include artificial intelligence instead of a language detection operation that lets bilingual users simply switch languages even while typing a single text. 

Another highly remarkable part played by Artificial Intelligence in mobile keyboards is the security feature i.e., our privacy. Many keyboards process everything you type using them, but the Bharat Keyboards are the only keyboards that don’t share data back to their developers. Many keyboards have access to the networks so they can capture everything you can type and can share across the internet. In a English to Bangla typing keyboard by Bharat keyboard, all the personalization happens on your device itself with no user typing data details sent across the internet.

How has Robotics and Artificial Intelligence made it easy to talk in regional languages 

Fast typing with Translator- You can text anytime text in any language and the keyboard lets you convert your text into the Bangla Language whenever you want. This doesn’t stop the person from chatting with you on breaks due to its smoothness in texting as well as simultaneously translating the language. If you were a Bengali person and you knew the language you could have directly written the texts in the Bangla language with simplicity and comfort.

Correcting the words- AI has made chatting a lot easier by giving us this feature of ‘word correct’ that ensures correct suggestions to your mistyping. This feature gives you extra time in cross-checking the text while the one that you have typed in various places. Instead, it additionally corrects you automatically wherever you are wrong.

Send emojis, stickers, Avatars, etc. The avatars feature talks about the uniqueness that lets you build lifelike cartoon faces just by adding an image or a selfie in no less time. You can as well create similar avatars and send them to your buddies to have fun while communicating.

Personalize your themes-  Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Bangla Keyboard lets you personalize the theme of your keyboards to make them look impressive. Your Keyboard must every time look creative since believing it or not, it is the often used feature on your phone on daily basis. So why not just make it appear more attractive enough?

Use of Voice Typing- Hello Lazy Folks! Looking for a keyboard that listens to you and types instantly with perfection? Well, here it is. Where you can speak and the Bangla Keyboard does the work of typing fast and effortless due to the Artificial Intelligence it works on. 

Download latest trending pictures, movies, emojis, stickers, story packs- Fanatics of Bangla Movies? Where is your gang at? With the advanced features of AI, one can now download the latest movies, trending movie stickers, and story packs so that you can never get bored and have fun-filled conversations with your family and friends.

We can see how artificial intelligence is renovating our lives in 2021. It saves our time and helps us interact phenomenally with our friends and families in the form of regional keyboards like Bengali Keyboard.  These are some of the reasons why you should use a Bengali keyboard in your everyday life to improve your communication skills. These features will still make you look good if you use them. 

Make use of the keyboard and encourage your mates to do the same so that they don’t miss out on this powerful mode of communication. It is past time for Bengal residents to remove their old default keyboards from their phones and get their smooth hands-on none other than the Bengali keyboard for better typing and texting entertainment with advanced AI technology.