Which is the best customizable emoji Malayalam keyboard for your smartphone?

Rohan Mathew

The history of communication has been one of the most technologically advanced and life-changing. If you told someone in 18th century England that they would be able to talk with the Governor in a colony far east, he would have laughed at your statement and probably would have said “Shut up” in a thick Peaky Blinder-type British Accent. Then comes a telephone, a telegram that takes the world towards a completely different path of progress. To ask in what way these devices have led the world towards progress would be rhetoric. Be it business, war, administration, or a parent working away from their family, wanting to send a message of how they miss their kids, telephones, and telegram has been the undisputed king of communication for nearly 150 years.

For the last two decades, everything has been shifting to digital progressively. Electronic mediums have replaced mechanical typewriters and keyboards. With change comes the opportunity for businesses to grow and complementary technologies to develop. Digital space is a part of our everyday technology now. All of us type using our keyboards to put our thoughts on the screen. Along with that, emojis have changed how we perceive messages. It has become very simple to convey emotions in the form of emojis. Visual representation of human expressions and feelings, symbols, objects, animals, and seasons. Sometimes there isn’t even the need for texts and people converse with the help of emojis. If you’re looking for a Malayalam typing keyboard that provides you the most and best possible features, and an app that is completely customizable to your liking, download Bharat Keyboards Malayalam Typing Keyboard app on PlayStore. 

The Manglish Keyboard is perfect for making your conversations fun. The reason for this is so many features that make it interesting and keeps the user involved at every point. The user is sure to find a new feature every time they use that app. But I find it my duty to give you a sneak peek. 

Personalization of Keyboard

The Malayalam keyboard allows the user to give a theme to their keyboard or set a background image for themselves. If we can keep a display picture for ourselves, why not a background image for our keyboard. Looking at someone or something we love while typing can keep our focus. We will be willing to type just for the sake of looking at that special and pleasing picture. You can do that from the Malayalam keyboard app. 

The app also lets you adjust the details of the keyboard according to one’s convenience. For instance, some may prefer bigger letter blocks, and some prefer smaller ones. Similarly, some need to be aware of how much they are typing and hence want to keep vibrations ON while some may want it OFF. Apart from that, the keyboard also lets you customize the top bar, adjust the severity of auto-correct, stickers, and emojis suggestions.

Avatar stickers and GIFs

The part which most of you were waiting for. The Malayalam keyboard app has an in-built emoji keyboard. What is brilliant is that these emojis could be sent as ‘Bigmojis’. That is, they can be enlarged by pressing and holding. The Bigmojis are actually sent as Stickers. These can then be added to Whatsapp stickers just like any other stickers. 

The user can even record a small video, convert it into a GIF, and send it as a sticker. If you’ve seen videos on how to make GIF stickers, you would’ve noticed how difficult the process is. By downloading the Malayalam Keyboard app, you can make these in seconds. 

Furthermore, the Malayalam keyboard app has hundreds of ready-made stickers on Malayalam movie dialogues and greetings. These stickers can have a default face or could be replaced with an avatar made by the user. This is a superb feature to use while having a conversation with friends. Surely if they are your best friends, you will be trolled more than the sticker being appreciated, but it will be worth the fun!

Quotes, jokes, and Shayaris

Whenever a friend of yours is feeling low, you have plenty of options to uplift their spirits. You can make them laugh with a hilarious joke, motivate them with a beautiful quote, or awestruck with a Malayalam Shayari. But you no longer have to take the help of the internet to search for any of the following as the Malayalam keyboard app has it ready for you. The app has hundreds of quotes, jokes, and shayaris in English and Malayalam and is shareable instantly. 

At some other time, imagine it is a fun-filled situation in a friends group and you want to stand out, you have a Hindi typing keyboard downloaded on your device, get instant access to regularly updated jokes and shayaris which make your conversations dynamic instantly. 

The Malayalam keyboard app is the best keyboard for Malayalam typing. The simplicity of the app is supreme and its stand-out quality is evident the first time you use it.  Whoever I have sent the stickers or Bigmojis have asked me how did I make such stickers, or asked me about the youtube video explaining the process to make one. I simply asked them to install the Malayalam keyboard app on Playstore to get features of 10 apps in 1. My cousins and friends did do it and now we often have sticker wars. The conversations have become a lot more fun with the Malayalam keyboard app.