Top 5 Best Novels You Require To Read All Time

Rohan Mathew

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If you are fond of traveling and exploring things and you do not have time to travel then what can be the best options apart from this, well book can be the finest option that can take you to travel and explore different aspects of life.

From culture to thrill and romance you have the options to get through the varieties of stories through novels as writers do hold some of the facts and factors that they present in the novels.

It has been also said that the novels written in English are expressive, rich, and culturally embedded.

So here are some of the novels that can are a must to have in your bucket list includes-

  • The God Of Small Things- 

Standing into the category of one of the finest Indian writers to date, Arundhati Roy has won the booker prize award in 1997 (both national and international). The god of small things sets a story in Kerala and revolves around the life of two children’s Rahel and Estha.

The story will tell you the love, betrayal and you will be loved to read.

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  • The Alpha Prince And His Bride

With so many writers around the world, LaurG is presenting The Alpha Prince And His Bride the story that presents the love, romance, and care that tells you the story of King Jeremy who is among the most loved and adored king in his empire.

This is the story where his kingdom was suffering from some financial crisis and the only thing to let them out of the condition was to accept the proposal of princess Lucy Rosemary.

Between the love, and the life of Lucy changed when she had to arrange marriage, to know so you need to get into the whole story and step towards reading the novel.

Shadow Lines

Padma Shri award winner, Amitav Ghosh presents a story that goes beyond our imaginations and expectations.

The writer is trying to present all the scenarios that contain the past, present, and future to find the closure of lives.

Also, it will help you to explore some of the historical events like that of the swadeshi movement, the second world war, the partition of India.

Won the Sahitya Akademi award in 1989 Amitav Ghosh has written it in a sophisticated manner while presenting his thoughts.

  • Cutting For Stone

Narrating the story about twins namely Marion and Shiva, Abraham Varghese is explaining the story about them who have borne in an India and British Surgeon house. The story is about medicine, family, and betrayal.

Many such stories take you to some other level of thoughts apart from the romance, thrill chapters.

Therefore you should always try to explore things so that you can able to adapt things differently.

In this Abraham Varghese is trying to focus on different phases of life and what happens next is time to read.

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  • The White Tiger

Published by Atlantics and written by Aravind Adiga, the story is about Balram Halwai’s sweet innocent story and won the Booker prize in 2008.

The Indian tales tells the story of two Indias, one of his Balram home village and the other is the city of Delhi with all the noisy and populated area.

  • The Year Of Runways

By sunjeev Sahota, the novel follows the lives of three migrants namely Tochi, Avtar, and Randeep who all flew to India.

The story’s first half covers the journey of India narrating the reason for them to travel to India. So something is interesting that you need to explore.

All of the above are one of those top 5 novels that you must read in your ideal time so that you can get to know the other side of life and also reading makes you explore a lot about life.