Top 10 Free invoice generator

Berry Mathew

Top 10 Free invoice generator

In the present times, our online presence is more noticeable than the offline one. We keep in touch through social media, shop for things on the internet, play games online, and even work online. With all the business happening online, there is a high demand for strong applications and tools that simplifies work. 

An increasing number of companies hire freelancers for executing projects and uses social media scheduler to help them in posting content. For more reasons than one, freelancers have started sending invoices for online payment. Free invoicing and billing software have proved to be very beneficial for the entire system. It has eased the process of payment transfer for both parties. 

The concept of invoicing software

Invoicing software helps generate billing for the service offered or product sold. This software is beneficial to streamline the entire payment process. The use of invoicing software by businesses has resulted in increased financial accuracy. As everything is recorded in the software, people do not have to remember dates, payment schedules, and the collection.

Invoicing software has changed the way companies bill clients. With the assistance of invoicing software, businesses have automated their operations. As such tools generate lists of products or services provided along with the costs, people save on time and effort. The software offers the convenience of mailing the bill to the client and a copy to the owner. 

New-age Tools for generating invoices

With the advent of new-age invoicing software, the age of manual invoices is long gone. The problem with manual invoicing was that it was prone to mistakes and miscalculations. Errors often result in blunders causing losses. Invoicing software helps create invoices and customize them as per the requirements.


Refrens has revolutionized the way invoices are sent. A full-fledged invoicing software is favored by freelancers, agencies and even small businesses for generating free invoices. It offers the flexibility to create professional invoices and send them to customers. This free billing software is quite user-friendly. Even people who are new to the world of invoicing can create GST invoices easily. 

Refrens is recognised for its simple payment gateway. There are multiple options, making  lead-management-software hassle-free and convenient for users. If there are multiple members in a team, the software allows adding more than one person to a single account to handle business invoicing. With Refrens, one can download payment reports, invoice report, GST report, client report, and even TDS report within a few minutes. 


A mobile-friendly free invoicing software, PayPal allows users to create invoices in minutes on their preferable digital device. With PayPal, it is easier to send invoices to clients, save created online invoicing templates and even automate reminders for payments. PayPal offers ease, convenience and flexibility to the users. This software is a payment gateway that helps process card and bank payments and allows users to receive payments from clients across the globe. PayPal has been present for 20 years and is widely accepted. It offers different tools to users, making the entire process of billing and invoicing trouble-free for users. 


With the help of FreshBooks, it is simple to build online invoices and send them to clients. It is free invoicing software. The best feature of FreshBooks is that the sender knows when the receiver viewed the invoice. The thing that sets this tool apart is that it gives the freedom to send invoices in the preferred language of the client. To make a good impression on clients, FreshBooks offers a feature of customizing invoices. It is convenient to choose a template and add the logo of the company while changing colours and fonts in the invoice. 


One of the most favoured invoicing software, Wave allows users to keep track of all the payments, expenses, and bills. With the help of Wave, users can even design professional invoicing templates. This helps increase the value of the invoice and makes a good impression on the clients. Wave is quite user-friendly. Other features of Wave invoicing software are recurring bill facility for repetitive customers, online payment gateway, transaction history of customers, insights on cash flow, and others. 

Zoho Invoice

This free invoicing and billing software is specially designed for businesses that have fewer than five clients to invoice. Zoho offers the convenience of tracking time, expenses, and invoices. Users can even send reminders and allow clients to pay online through any medium. Zoho comes with free features like an estimate generator, expenses report generator, SKU generator, income tax calculator, and revenue forecaster. Zoho Invoice has the advantage of seamless integration with its own line of products and even with others like PayPal, Dropbox, Stripe, and Google Drive. 


An online billing and invoicing software, Invoicera is completely free. It allows users to customize invoices as per their business requirements. Being a cloud-based software, Invoicers helps automate the invoice in a manner that one can concentrate on business, leaving invoicing hassles to this tool. Other features of this free invoicing software are that it helps track invoices that are overdue, schedule payment automatically, charges fees for late payment, etc. 


A free invoicing software, QuickBooks helps users to receive payment faster. It is an all-in-one solution for business and banking. The tool manages the invoices and even monitors them while the user focuses on other important work. With its help, users can easily create and send invoices to any device effortlessly. The tools can be connected to the bank for keeping a tap on daily transactions. 


A software ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, Nutcache is a combination of invoicing software and project tracking software. With the help of this tool, users can create invoices in a matter of a few minutes and send them to clients. There are multiple features available for the convenience of the users. Nutcache makes getting paid very organized and faster as well.


The benefit of using this free invoicing software is that it not only generates invoices and bills, but is also helpful in managing payments, processing invoices, generating reports, and assisting the companies in tracking their finances while monitoring the entire schedule, effortlessly. Brightbooks even offers instant insights and helps the users import bank statements for checking daily transactions. 


Recognized for accepting online payments and POS, Square is free invoicing software that works easily with almost all eCommerce platforms. Users can send invoices, contract templates, and estimates to clients with the help of Square. The most convenient feature of this tool is that users can track paid and unpaid invoices from their preferred digital device.