Top 10 Must Have Apps for Android in 2020

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In This Article, We Are Going To list Top 10 Must Have Apps for Android in 2020

As each year passes, smartphones and tablets evolve and can do more and more. Whether you have the latest release in Android flagship devices or you opt for a budget device, you don’t need to do much to get food delivered to your door, see all the latest news, hear your favorite tunes, and much more.

While it would be great if Android devices come with all these features built-in, sadly they don’t and you need apps. The biggest question is, what apps do you choose? With around 3 million apps on offer, the Google Play Store is the largest mobile app store in the world and, great news or not, it doesn’t make your search for the best apps any easier.

Apps For Android

You could spend hours trying out apps you see advertised or just scrolling through the store but there’s no guarantee you will find the perfect app.  Some apps are complete rubbish while others are awesome but they are only awesome if you can make the best use of them.

We decided to do a bit of detecting and find some of the best apps available on the Android app store today.

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Top 1o Must Have Apps For Android

List Of Top 1o Must Have Apps For Android given below

We could have populated this list with things like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on but that would be a waste. Anyone who wants those apps already has them so we chose to look for a few of the lesser-known apps as well as a couple of the bigger names. So, in no particular order, these are just ten of the Android apps we think you should have:

  • 1Weather – (Free, Subscription available)

1Weather has to be one of the best weather apps available today, on a par with Today Weather and AccuWeather. 1Weather lets you see the current weather, along with a  12-week forecast, lots of stats, and even a radar map. The design is simple, there are widgets that you can customize, you can opt for severe weather notifications and use the radar to track the weather coming in. When you open the app, you get shown some fun weather facts and its minimalistic design ensures you don’t have a screen filled with information, just the current weather. It comes in two flavors – free, which has everything the app offers but with ads, or you can pay $1.99 and remove the ads. If you’re not bothered about the occasional ad, stick with the free one because that really is the only difference between them. You can download this app from TutuApp.

  • Google Maps and Waze – (Free)

Satellite navigation devices have mostly been thrown out of the window with more and more people using their mobile devices to find their way. Google Maps is the most popular and pretty much owns navigation. It is updated virtually every week, adding more features to its already impressive list. As well as the basic navigation services, you can see places of interest, see where the nearest restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and so on are, see real-time traffic data and you can even download your map for temporary offline use. Add all that to Waze, which has plenty of features of its own and you will never need to use any other navigation app. And, of course, Waze is owned by Google Maps and offers lots of fun features, such as alerting other drivers of police checks, accident hotspots, and so on.

  • LastPass Password Manager – (Free, subscription available)

Fed up with trying to remember passwords for every site? LastPass is a password manager that helps you to save your credentials securely. And, if you need it, it can generate passwords for your apps that are pretty impossible to guess and save them so you don’t need to remember them. All you need to remember is one master password to get into the password manager. LastPass works on all major platforms so you can even use it on your PC. It’s a decent, user-friendly option and you can also choose to download LastPass Authenticator, a companion app, for more security. It is free or you can go premium for just $12 a year.

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  • Netflix – (Subscription)

One of the well-known names on our list, if you already have a Netflix subscription then you simply download the app on your device and away you go. If not, you can subscribe for as little as $9 per month and that gives you unfettered access to as many TV shows and movies as you want. Pay a little extra and you can watch in 4K. You can watch your old favorites, some of the latest shows and movies and there’s even a great choice if Netflix exclusive content. With an intuitive recommendation engine, you even get recommendations based on your likes and what you watch. With a data connection, you can watch movies on the go, wherever you are.

  • Brace Privacy Browser – (Free)

Brace is one of the best browsers for Android users, given you a great, secure browsing experience while protecting your privacy at the same time. Brace has several blockers built-in, including ads, third-party cookies, scripts, and popups. The HTTPS Everywhere extension is also implemented, ensuring you can always securely connect to a website. It is a user-friendly browser and minimalistic, so you can easily use it without having to wade through tons of features. You can download this app from ACMarket.

  • MyFitnessPal – (Free)

Whether you are a bit of a fitness freak or just want to lose a few pounds, MyFitnessPal is the perfect app. It is a calorie counter and exercise tracker app with a huge library of food, so you can easily add your meals and track your calories while counting the calories you burn during exercise. And with a handy built-in barcode scanner, you can easily scan that snack you buy and log your meals. It doesn’t give you a comprehensive workout plan but it does help you track what you eat and do to lose weight and it can give you some awareness of what your good and bad habits are. You can download this app from Panda Helper.

  • Airbnb – (Free)

If you are looking to head out for a weekend away or you want something for the longer-term, Airbnb can help you find the perfect property, be it a home, an apartment, or something completely different. You can stay for as short or as long a time as you want, even several months in some places, which makes it a great app for those taking up temporary job placements. The app also shows you restaurants and other places of interest in the locale you are looking in and makes booking dead simple.

  • Spotify – (Free, subscription available)

Spotify has to be the most well-known name in music streaming and is one of the best music apps for android. It offers a huge selection of music, including some pretty obscure stuff. The recommendation engine recommends tunes based on your listening but the free version does have limits. There are ads, you cannot download any music, you can’t play just any song you want and you only get so many track skips. If you want it all, you’ll need to pay $10 a month although you can try the premium version for three months, free of charge. If your household all wants Spotify, there is a household plan for $15 and students can take advantage of a half-price offer, just $5 per month.

  • Crunchyroll – (Free, subscription available)

No, this is not some obscure food app. It is, in fact, the very best way to access your favorite anime, something that is growing in popularity incredibly fast. With Crunchyroll, you can see all your favorites, the latest episodes just an hour after they are streamed in Japan, and choose from a huge range of series. You can use it for free but you are limited in what you can watch and you will be subject to ads. An ad-free, unlimited experience will cost you $8 a month but you do get a free 14-day trial.

  • Yelp

Finding genuine reviews is like looking for a needle in a haystack these days but Yelp offers you just that. Here, you can find real reviews about bars, restaurants, hotels, anywhere you can think of to spend money. You can find operating hours, business contact information, menus, and more, making it dead simple to find that perfect place to go in your area or somewhere completely different.

With millions of apps for android available in the Google Play Store, picking just ten of them was touch. But we think these apps for android offer great value for money and tons of cool, useful features. Some are free, some offer subscriptions but most of those will give you a decent free trial first, so you can see exactly what you are getting for your hard-earned cash.

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What are the must have apps for Android?

Must have Apps for Android Are

  • 1Weather
  • Bouncer
  • Google Drive
  • Waze and Google Maps
  • Google Assistant
  • LastPass Password Manager
  • Nova Launcher
  • Podcast Addict


Try these apps for android and see what you think of them.  We’ve tried to give you a broad range of apps, music and movie streaming, mapping, accommodation, and so on but do let us know of any apps you think should have made the list and why. And don’t forget, share this with others so they can experience some of the best apps for Android has to offer.

We Had Successfully Listed Top 10 Must Have Apps for Android in 2020