Top Hacks To Boost Your Productivity As A Digital Nomad

Rohan Mathew

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Top Hacks to Boost Your Productivity as a Digital Nomad

Being productive while working depends on plenty of different factors. For some, it’s about getting enough sleep, while for others it’s a quiet space without any distractions. When it comes to digital nomads, aka freelancers, their working hours often don’t help with productivity. Working flexible hours might sound like a dream come true, but in fact, freelancers often struggle with planning their tasks. If you are working remotely and plan your own working hours, take a look at the following article. Take a look at our list of top hacks to boost your productivity as a digital nomad.

Create a daily routine

It’s a common misconception that freelancers always have more time to finish their work. Without a fixed daily routine, plenty of them struggles with delays, procrastination, and similar issues. This is why they don’t always use their time in the most productive way. Creating a steady daily routine can have plenty of benefits. Besides getting the job done, good time management can also help you handle tasks in a shorter amount of time.

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There is no standard daily routine that works for everyone. Some digital nomads like to work at night when they are not bothered by any distractions. For others, morning hours are the best time to finish the hardest part of the work. In order to create an efficient daily routine, you will have to do the following:

  •       Create a list of your weekly tasks and schedule them
  •       Make a timeframe of your working hours
  •       Use your breaks during the day to get your mind off of work
  •       Stay hydrated and plan your meals
  •       Remove any distractions from the room you’re working in
  •       Prioritize your tasks and finish the hardest ones first

Plan your working hours

Working freelance is a different experience for everyone. While some digital nomads like to work while traveling, others prefer their home offices. In order to boost productivity while working freelance, it’s important to decide which hours work the best for you. For example, if you have a family to take care of, early in the morning or late at night could be the most peaceful times for you to get work done.

In case you are working as a full-time freelancer, the smartest thing to do would be to plan the day according to your project. If you can do it in sections, organize other daily chores around it. For some people, making plenty of short breaks is good for boosting productivity, while others lose their focus this way. The most important thing is to realize which times of the day make you more productive and plan your workflow accordingly.

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Make priorities

Freelancers work on plenty of different projects at the same time. Not all of them are equally demanding, and some take more time to finish than others. In order to boost your productivity and save time while working, you should prioritize your tasks and calculate the time it takes to finish them. If you feel more energized in the morning, start your day by finishing the hardest part of your work. In this case, you can handle smaller tasks like sending emails, feedback, and invoices later in the day.

Prioritizing is not only one of the best ways to boost creativity as a digital nomad. This is also the best way to save time and get more of the job done. As a result, freelancers who plan their time well also have more opportunities to take time off of work. Whether they like traveling or just spending free time with their family, prioritizing is what helps them succeed.

Rely on project planning tools

For some freelancers, a laptop and Wi-Fi are the only tools needed to get the job done. However, plenty of freelancers work on complicated projects that take serious planning. For example, web designers, marketing strategy experts, and managers often have trouble organizing their workflow. For this reason, they look for different ways to simplify their everyday tasks by using Business Management Software. This software comes as a program or an app that helps with project management, task organizing, and many different aspects of the work. One of the reasons why freelancers love it so much is because they can organize all of their work in the same program. Sorting out files, contacts, and sheets, creating templates and invoices, as well as communicating with clients are just some of the features these apps include.

Automate simple tasks

One of the struggles freelancers talk about is losing time on simple, repetitive tasks. Instead of focusing on their work, they lose plenty of time on small tasks they need to finish. Luckily, there is a simple way they can save their time and let a software program help. Project management software apps for freelancers have different features that help with automating the workflow. So, if you need to calculate your taxes, send an invoice, or set an important reminder, you know which tool to look for.

Avoid distractions

Staying productive depends on various aspects. Besides time management, prioritizing, and workflow planning, there is another thing you can do to boost your productivity. No matter which environment you choose to work in, you should remove any distractions from the room. This means different things for different people. Some freelancers like working while listening to music, while other need complete silence.

Track and limit your time

If you want to make plans for future projects or book long-term clients, you will have to know how much time it will take to finish the job. Tracking your time during work will help you avoid procrastination and delays, but also realize how much it takes to finish different tasks. If you have the entire available, set the time limit for every task on your to-do list. This will help you organize better and, more importantly, boost your productivity.

Take time off of work

The last (but not the least important) tip on our list is to relax and take time off of work. Plenty of people think that freelancers always have free time, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In many cases, digital nomads work up to 7 days a week, which leaves them tired and exhausted. By managing your time the right way, you will find more free time to relax. Taking some time off is always good for recharging and refreshing your mind. So, find out what works for you to stay productive and enjoy your freelance working hours.