How to Travel This Year: 5 Tips

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Traveling post-2020 requires some major travel planning adjustments. Even though traveling holds far more potential this year than it did last year, traveling is still not without the same ongoing safety risks and limitations that were presented to us as news of the virus caught wind. With the vaccine slowly but surely working its way to the general public, it’s still important to take safe traveling seriously. The battle is not over yet. One day, traveling will return to how it was before those bats ruined everything, but, until then, consider traveling to these safer places, or at least, be open to traveling safely with these five tips. 

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  • Only Visit the Safest Places 

Some places are safer than others in this pandemic-consumed world. If you’re looking for an adventure without compromising your safety to a large degree, consider going somewhere with fewer known cases of the virus, or places where incoming travelers were not allowed to enter last year. A great option is Alaska’s coast. Not only did this region experience fewer cases of the virus than most other areas in the US, but travelers were unable to attend their anticipated cruises in the region from May to September of last year. This means potential virus exposure was reduced even more. Now that cruise lines and tourism is back up and running, it’s time to see those tidewater glaciers in person. Another great option is Iceland. The island offers spectacular scenery, and you can feel safer throughout the journey since a car rental in Iceland is common compared to public transport when traveling there.

  • Go Somewhere Fresh and Clean

I’m sensing a theme here. Perhaps the combination of moose and snow is the key to avoiding exposure to the virus. Yep, another great travel option is Big Sky, Montana. Come explore the Rocky Mountains and splurge on your hotel room by staying at the brand new, Montage Big Sky. The luxurious hotel was nonexistent in 2020, and part of its appeal is just that! It offers the kind of clean environment you need for when you’re not out on a skiing adventure or shopping at the town center. 

  • Make Smart Compromises 

So, you want a tropical vacation, but you don’t want to leave the US? Look no further than Tampa, Florida. Experience beaches, nightlife, and fun locals. Plus, it’s easier to find cheap flights to Tampa than it is the tropical shores of Thailand. Make a compromise and save yourself the money and the headache by staying within red, white, and blue bounds. 

  • Choose Cheap and Chill Vacations 

The beaches on the East coast are totally underrated. Visit the charming beach town of Hilton Head Island, a piece of paradise near Charleston, one of the most locally loved areas in the US. The area offers great accommodations for a beachy family vacation without spending a whole lot. From golfing to surfing, Hilton Head is a great place to relax and unwind during these difficult times. 

 If you plan to head East but aren’t into the beach life, consider staying at a lakeside cabin in one of the tri-state areas

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  • Decrease Chances of Illness by Beating the Stress 

In addition to choosing clean and healthy destinations, you should also focus on reducing the stress of traveling by reading up on these tips for better airport experiences. Don’t forget to wear a mask once you get inside and remember to plan your finances in advance so you’re not scrambling to pay your impatient cabdriver as your flight takes off without you.  

It’s not like traveling is totally off the table, it’s just something you’ve got to plan a little bit harder for if you want to stay safe. 

Eventually, things will return to normal and you’ll be off to some underwater adventure with all of your coronavirus cares behind you. Until that day comes, be smart with your traveling, and don’t let the excitement of traveling to new places cloud your judgement. The toilet paper and hand sanitizer frenzies are still among us, and we’ve got to act carefully.