Top Reasons to Start a Business in Abu Dhabi

Berry Mathew

Top Reasons to Start a Business in Abu Dhabi

Investors make fortunes in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. In this article, we will discuss why. Also, we will discuss business setup in UAE – Abu Dhabi Free Zones. Abu Dhabi contains Abu Dhabi international airport, one of the most important airports in the world. And that’s for many reasons that we will come by in this short article too. Are you ready? We will have the following stops: 

  • Economic overview 
  • Abu Dhabi’s geographic location 
  • Abu Dhabi’s international airport
  • Abu Dhabi Ports
  • Abu Dhabi Free Zones
  • Business setup in UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE | Economic Overview 

According to Khaleej Times and many other sources, The financial sector of Abu Dhabi developed positively in 2022 by 6.9% compared to 2021. Real estate, transportation, manufacturing, oils, and others are all growing industries in the UAE in the last decade and not only in 2022. They raised by 20%, 11%, 8%, and 4%, respectively. 

Abu Dhabi’s Geographic Location 

You notice that Abu Dhabi is the farthest land in the Arabian sea. And that makes it the closest to all countries across the Arabian sea. That gave Abu Dhabi a significant comparative advantage. Also, Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest Emiratian countries for many reasons. That will include massive industries, factories, hotels, entertainment activities, real estate developers, and more. 

Abu Dhabi’s International Airport

There is no doubt that it is one of the most important airports in the world for many reasons. It is known to be a popular stop for almost all airlines. And that only is an advantage and an opportunity to any business. Only a property or a small factory in this city can make fortunes if worked efficiently. Right? 

Abu Dhabi Ports

Abu Dhabi Ports is also one of the biggest in the world. And the most important port in the GULF region. It is crucial for many types of businesses and industries to be that close to the seaport, especially when it is the biggest in the region. And that’s because every shipment will cost less in Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi Free Zones

My bayut and other sources speak about 7 of the most significant free zones in the world in Abu Dhabi. That is also a magnificent opportunity for many types of firms and businesses. Investing in free zones will have economic and strategic benefits for any business relying on importing or exporting goods and raw materials. 

Business Setup in UAE

Freezonemarket is one of the best start-up support companies in the UAE. A team of experts can register and finish all legal processes of your new company in the UAE in a matter of days! 

However, according to the governmental website, there are four main steps for businesses to launch and have all their paperwork registered: 

  1. Choosing a type for the business
  2. Specifying the trade name
  3. License Application
  4. Specifying the address(location) 
  5. Finalizing approvals and license

These processes will vary depending on the type of business or the industry. However, any company will determine how and where to process all stages of its setup according to the regulations and related processes.