Top Reasons Why Roofs Fail

Rohan Mathew

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Are you constantly worried about the state of your roofing structure? You could be living in a home that is long overdue for a roof replacement. When the time finally comes, it is important that you’re looking for a roofing company that can be trusted to do a good job. It can be a stressful undertaking if you’re going through the process for the first time. There are a couple of reasons why a roof could fail and they can all be avoided when you get the right roofing contractor. Here are some of the top reasons why roofing structures fail.

Poor Installation

The majority of roofing structures will fail because of poor installation. That is why it is crucial that you’re researching the roofing company that you’ll be working with before you put anything to pen paper. You need to look for an experienced roofing company such as A&E Queens Roofers so that you’re assured that the job will be done with the highest standards of quality. It will only take a few months for poor workmanship. You don’t want to go through such a predicament when you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on the new roofing structure.

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Poor Ventilation

This is another reason why some roofing structures will fail. Your roof needs to breathe and this won’t be possible when there is poor ventilation. During the summer months, the heat will need to be pushed out. When there is good ventilation, you’ll not have to worry about the changes in temperatures that could alter the functioning of the roof.

Use of Poor Quality Materials

There are roofing companies that will want to take shortcuts so as to save on costs. This will mean going for poor quality materials that are not likely to last for a long time. A good roofing company will be honest with the amount that they’ve spent on the materials and will only buy from known manufacturers.

Lack Of Flashing

There are also contractors that will fail to include flashing with the roofing costs thinking that they can save on costs. This is usually a recipe for disaster. Good flashing is designed to last up to 20 years and is one of the most parts of a roofing structure.

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Lack of Preventive Maintenance

Most homeowners will only start paying attention to the roof when there is an obvious problem. This shouldn’t be the case as it might be too late to provide a fix. With a preventive maintenance system in place, potential problems are discovered early before they can get out of hand. Doing the maintenance on your own is never a good idea as there could be some things that you miss out on. You’ll need to reach out to an experienced contractor to help with the maintenance so that you’re having the peace of mind that your roof is in good condition.

Having looked at some of the reasons roofing structures fail, you could be wondering how to go about the process of hiring the right contractor. There are some key qualities you should keep in mind when looking for a roofing company or contractor and some of them include:

Experience: The experience of the roofing company will play a crucial role in the selection process. Most roofing companies don’t live to celebrate their second birthday. You’ll need to start by asking the company the number of years that they have been operational. It will also be a good idea to ask references for past clients. Since you’re likely to be working with a local company, there is a likelihood that they will have served the locals. You can arrange to see some of their work.

License and Insured: All states require that roofing contractors are licensed. It shows that they’ve gone through the right training and are qualified for the job. You also need to make sure that the roofing contractor is insured as there could be injuries and property damage while they’re working in your home.  You don’t want to be open to litigation. The roofing contractor should provide a proof license before you put anything to pen and paper.


The majority of roofing failures can be avoided when you get the right contractor for the job. That is why it is never a good idea to rush the selection process. Take your time to understand the different roofing dynamics and how the roofing contractor can help address such challenges while ensuring that your roof is going to last for a long time to come.