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If you want to look unique for any occasion you need to style your Indian clothes properly. Here are style tips to follow.


Are you planning to wear traditional clothes for an upcoming event, and you don’t know which style to flaunt? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will enlighten you on various Indian clothes you can choose, ranging from salwar suits to sarees. We will also enlighten you on choosing the right style depending on the occasion and your taste in fashion. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Is It Challenging To Choose The Best Traditional Indian Clothes?

Before we look at the various style tips you can follow when wearing traditional Indian clothes for an occasion; we need to discuss why it is challenging to pick the best outfit from a wide variety of Indian attires. First, you need to know that Indian outfits come in different color combinations, shades, and patterns. This can confuse many buyers. Also, Indian outfits come in different designs. You can be confused whether to go for the latest designs or stick to the traditional evergreen styles.

You should also note that there are new Indian clothes combining traditional and modern designs. For instance, you can buy a salwar suit with a palazzo-style bottom and a tight top. The good thing is that the latest styles can be easily accessorized to enhance one’s looks. But the number one rule when choosing traditional Indian outfits is choosing an outfit that fits you well. If you don’t follow this rule, you will look awkward even if you have the most stylish outfit on earth at the moment.

Trending Indian Clothes To Consider For Special Occasions 

There are many Indian clothes trends you need to consider if you want to look elegant on that upcoming event. Here are some trends you should buy.

  • Jacket Style Oehenga outfit – Gone are the days when you must complete your lehenga choli outfit with a dupatta. Nowadays, you can wear a jacket-style lehenga choli which includes a lehenga, choli or top, and a jacket. This new style is suitable for most traditional occasions like Diwali, weddings, and festivals. You can also wear it on cocktail parties. The design will make you look modern and stylish, and all eyes will be on you.
  • A Saree With Floral Prints – Floral prints are suitable for the summer season occasion. These sarees are very beautiful, and you can wear them on summer weddings or other occasions. You can also wear them during other seasons of the year. You just need to choose the right color combination and drape the outfit properly for an elegant look. 
  • Traditional Gowns – traditional Indian gowns are evergreen. This style has become the most sought-after Indian outfit suitable for receptions and parties. The attire design is flexible and suitable for women of all sizes and shapes. Some women say that they love modern style gowns because they look simple and make ordinary women stand out on different occasions.
  • Salwar Suits – In today’s fashion, you can find the latest salwar suits to wear to different occasions. You can find Punjabi suits, Anarkali suits, palazzo suits, and more. These suits are suitable for parties, receptions, and special occasions. They also come in different color combinations, fabrics, and embroidery /patterns.

Styling Tips To Follow To Look Amazing In Traditional Indian Clothes

Pick Clothes That Fit You 

If you want to look amazing in any outfit, the first thing you should do is choose an Indian attire that exactly fits you. Such an outfit will be easy to style and accessorize with jewelry and footwear. However, if you choose a wrong-fitting outfit, no matter how you style it, you will still look ugly or awkward.

Carefully Choose Colors

You should choose the color(s) of an outfit depending on the occasion. You may also consider your personality and preference. If you are attending a wedding, you can go for bright colors and shades. If you are attending traditional events, you can wear pink, red, fresh green, glistening blue, beaming orange, and other shiny colors.

You should also consider your skin tone when picking the color of your Indian clothes. If you have a medium complexion, you can wear bold colors, while dark skin tone persons should wear white, primary colors, pastel colors, and rich, vibrant colors. People with lighter skin tones should only avoid black and white colors. 

Have A Traditional Clutch Bag

Whenever you wear a traditional Indian dress, you should carry a traditional clutch bag for a stunning look. The good thing is that clutch bags come in different colors, and you should pick one that complements your outfit. Note that the clutch can have a contrasting or matching color.

Wear Jewelry

Indian dresses are incomplete without some pieces of jewelry. You should wear traditional hanging earrings to enhance your look. Additionally, depending on the neckline of your top/blouse, you can wear a statement necklace. You can add bangles, tikka, and other jewelry. But keep it simple; too many pieces can ruin the look.

Choose Correct Footwear 

Footwear plays a significant role in improving your overall appearance. If you choose the wrong footwear, you will not have the desired look. If you choose the right footwear that goes well with your Indian clothes, you will look amazing. But remember to choose footwear that you are comfortable to wear and walk with.

Don’t Overdo Makeup 

Makeup is good when done correctly. The makeup should complement your skin tone and the shade/color of your Indian outfit. Keep it simple, and you will look amazing. Overdo the makeup, and you will look ugly.

Final Words 

When styling your traditional Indian clothes, you need to know some basic rules that will allow you to look elegant and feel confident. First of all, you need to wear fitting Indian clothes. Secondly, you need to wear colors that complement your skin tone and go well with the occasion. Most importantly, you should wear the right footwear and jewelry and carry a matching or contrasting traditional clutch bag. Remember to style your hair properly to enhance your overall appearance.