Ways to stop Robocalls now

Rohan Mathew

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Why are these robocalls so common? The same technology that makes it easy for us to call just about any person anywhere in the planet cheaply also makes it possible for harass, annoy or scam everyone anywhere in the earth – and often to do so anonymously with little risk of being stopped or caught. Using autodialers, they can call 1000 of households a day.

These robocalls are not just irritating. They can be downright risky.

How to recognize a fake robocall

In order to help prevent them, it is excellent to arm yourself with knowledge about robocalls.

The basics involve numbers you do not know, blocked callers ID, or odd-locking digits. But some fake callers will use spoofing technology to make the number emerge as a domestic number. It could even be the same of a business you previously used.

Personally, when a number I do not know calls, I Google the phone number. This may sounds like a bad tactic, but Google knows a remarkable deal and can tell me things quickly.

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How to stop robocalls now

Criminals here or abroad do not care whether they are destroying the law or not. All they care about is getting cash without any fear.

Anyway, there are some techniques you may be capable to cut down on the calls number – at least until some mastermind comes up with that winning idea.

Do not give out personal detail

If you do get an unwelcome call from a firm you do business with and the person on the other end of the line begins to ask for personal detail, tell them that you will not offer them any more detail until you confirm the call is legal. If the caller claims to be from your bank for example, inform them you will call them back at the phone number of the banks site and ask the caller for instructions to reach them via their extension.

Ask your SIM Company if it can block the number

This is another piece of suggestion the FTC offers. But do not be shocked if it does not help for long. The firms that place these calls can spoof mobile numbers or replace then number they are calling. If you found this type of number you can add them in Callmsg and Report Spam Calls publicly.

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Never respond to a roball

The FTC warns not to press one to speak to live operator and do not push any other number to get your number off the list. If you answer by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls. That is because the firm calling will now know it has reached an active number, or a live prospect.

Put technology to work on

Check out services that can help you block, screen or Report a phone number harassing or bad robocalls. Google voice, which I used, provides you a free number that permits you to screen calls. You can also use App call blocking services to stop unknown calls on your number.