Vingo is the Only Indoor Cycling App You Will Ever Need

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Vingo is the Only Indoor Cycling App You Will Ever Need

Is your training bike sitting in a corner of your house and you sadly watch it whenever you pass by? Well, it is time to get over that feeling and start using the cycle for good. In case you are wondering how to make your cycling time less boring, we got you covered. With our new indoor cycling app, Vingo, you will never be bored of cycling again. You will keep wanting more and you will only stop when you finally reach your dream fitness level.

It Has The Best User Interface & User Experience

The Vingo app uses virtual reality to give you an outdoor feeling while you cycle comfortably inside your home. All you need is a training cycle and the app installed on your smart device. You can install Vingo on your smart TV too, it will give you a much more immersive experience. You can place the screens before your training cycle and start riding it. What’s eye-catching is the simple user interface designed in the app. It is very easy to get used to its controls and you can access all its functionalities with a single click. The user experience is very good too, and the many senior citizens getting into the app are proof for it.

It Is Very Easy to Install and Can be Used by All

Like we mentioned earlier, Vingo can be installed in any of your smart devices. The app is available for Windows and Apple platforms from their respective App Stores. Download the app directly from these stores and create your account inside it. The app uses your device’s Bluetooth to connect with your training bike. Once connected you can start your indoor cycling adventures through Vingo and have fun every day.

Vingo App Comes with a A Lot Of Cool Features

The app comes with a lot of features. Features like voice chat, avatars, different landscapes, are all so unique to the app. For example, you can use the voice chat feature to talk and interact with fellow cyclists in your selected locations. You can befriend people from around the world using the feature. The avatars feature allows you to create your digital self. Just upload your selfie and the app will do the rest. As for the different landscapes, they are all programmed to change your online cycling experience into a fun filled adventure. You can explore the virtual world to your heart’s content.

An Affordable and Multi Purpose App for Running & Cycling

The app has even more features in it and you can explore them all at a very affordable price. You will only need to spend around $9 per month on the app. This is very low when compared to other apps that charge between $15 – 20 per month. In addition to cycling, you can use Vingo as a jogging app too. Instead of a training bike you can connect the app to your treadmill and go for online running or for jogging in the virtual world.

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