Want family bonding? These games will blow your minds away

Rohan Mathew

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It’s been a tough year, and everyone wants to have fun and be thankful for life. No doubt this is a time for your family to bond, and what better way than over games you can play as a family. It is best to play as a family and for children to learn the importance of having fun outdoors. Playing as a family; they will learn to have fun at recess with their friends

Games are always a good excuse to do family activities, to make a different gathering of friends, to break the ice, to get to know each other better, to relax, to share moments that will surely be saved on the “special” list.

Being able to create a playful space with friends and family in our meetings enriches relationships, team play, challenges, imagination, collective creation, and ensures a unique and original time.

This article will give you an idea of the types of games you can play as a family, continue reading, please.

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The famous and sonorous chips loaded with points that you have to know how to move around the table to win the game, here the oldest of the family may have a bit of advantage, although the little ones surely learn quickly.

The Rope Game

This game can be done outside the house, your courtyard for those who have or at the lawn.

This is a game that was considered an Olympic sport, but today we can all enjoy it. You need a rope with a badge in the middle of which indicates which side the winner is on.

Two or more people can participate in this game; the main goal is for the tired person or people on the same side to overcome the opponents’ strength. The moment the rope badge is on the side of one of the teams or participants, this will finally be the winner. It is ideal for family bonding time.

PlayStation: Video games as a family bond

Making proper use of video games, playing with our children, and knowing their preferences can strengthen our bond. It will also allow us to educate them on the correct use of technologies as they mature. PlayStation® encourages families to discover the game that best suits their needs and enjoy all the available experiences. And it recommends making use of the parental mediation options available on its platforms, as well as following the PEGI age rating recommendations. We can find educational experiences such as the 3M Spain Foundation: Stem + VR, for PlayStation®VR, which encourages STEM vocations in young people, even proposals that seek to make current issues visible such as Concrete Genie, a game for PS4TM that portrays bullying and how thanks to art and creativity we can overcome difficulties.

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This is your chance to create the board game you’ve always dreamt of. The rules are already made, and all you have to do is choose a theme and create the board and pieces. Monopoly custom games are a popular gift idea but are also great to keep on hand at parties and family board game nights.

Make your own Opoly game

Another game that comes to mind is making your own opoly, which is similar to monopoly in a way, yet quite different from monopoly, here you can make your own rules. You can learn how to make your own opoly game by following the steps below:

In make your own opoly, the player has full customization of the board, including rules, money and property names. You can customize everything in this board game including the box.

The game is flexible and can be played however you like; you can design a professional digital design though software or a more traditional way of drawing by hand.

The paper has already been pre-printed, just chose, print it out from a computer design or simply doodle if that’s what you like.


It is very simple; you only need paper and a pen; layers write on a piece of paper the name of a fictional or real character known to all. When everyone has written the character they must paste it on the forehead of the partner who is located to their right.

The game consists of asking questions to try to discover the character on my forehead. The answers have to be of the type YES – NO, for example: is my character male? Does my character live? If the answer is ‘Yes’, the player will ask another question and so on until she fails, giving the turn to the partner on her right.


It’s great, especially if there are many them and they want to take all the shame out of singing in public. Groups or couples can be formed. I recommend that you have the game prepared in advance. You can make a list of the songs that you think your guests might like, try to make them varied and of different styles, groups, duets, so when the players are there, they don’t waste time looking for the songs.

Everyone can write down when the songs they would like to sing arrive, from the list you have made. You have several platforms that offer you songs, or of course, YouTube, but make sure you have a useful internet. If you want to make it more professional, you can hire it for your party or meeting.


It is played in pairs; it is a game that, in addition to being fascinating, brings many benefits to develop mental skills (memory, concentration, creativity, decision-making, etc.). Not for nothing is it proposed as an activity in many educational establishments.

It can be played with family members, while it is entertaining, it also sharpens the mind and makes one smarter, and players need optimum concentration to play this game.

The interesting thing about these games is that it creates that atmosphere of belonging and well-being that the game generates when it is shared with the family, generating bonds for life within us, and creating these moments of connection and family play is much easier than it seems. It has to do with wanting to play, connect and share. Who doesn’t want that?