What are Holistic Pharmacies?

Rohan Mathew

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Drugs aren’t the answer. In this medical age, doctors prescribe medication without hesitation. As a result, holistic wellness often takes a back seat.

Not anymore, at holistic pharmacies, at least. These pharmacies focus on whole-body wellness. For them, prescriptions aren’t a cure-all.

If you haven’t already integrated holistic medicine into your life, you’re missing out. Discover the power of holistic pharmacies by reading on.

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Check Out Holistic Pharmacies

Contrary to popular perception, holistic health isn’t some niche medicine for hippies. Rather, it’s gained mainstream acceptance as an effective, proven method of medicine. It’s widely accepted.

Holistic medicine runs the gamut. It includes allopathic and Western pills and creams and naturopathic and Eastern preparations. Nutrition counseling and mind-body practices count as holistic medicine too.

Holistic medicine maintains health instead of treating pathologies.

Holistic health practitioners will, for example, do medication reviews with in-person interviews. These interviews will last at least 60 minutes but can go for 90 minutes or more.

The practitioner will then do at least a week of research. In a second meeting with their patient, the practitioner should review their status.

They should provide immediate, short-term, and long-term suggestions on mental and physical practices. Practices like life coaching and yoga can make patients less dependent on medication.

Futuristic pharmacies already exist. At a pharmacy in Ohio, members can access primary care services. They can also access a medical fitness facility.

They can undergo medication therapy management and physical therapy, too. This pharmacy’s the future of whole-person health.

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Holistic Well-Being

Holistic pharmacies do even more to change this sector.

Pharmacists’ herbal tea blends treat sleep problems, low-functioning immune systems, stress, and colds. Natural (as opposed to traditional) pharmacies provide holistic, safe treatment of chronic conditions. Holistic treatment exists even for autoimmune disorders and allergies.

Medicine has used herbs for centuries. 70 percent of modern medications (or their underlying ideas) come from herbal remedies.

Herbal medicine is about self-care. It’s about being in touch with the land. It’s more complicated than finding a single solution to a health problem.

Holistic medicine is preventative. It recognizes that common but harmful foods and behaviors cause some health problems. Pills can’t fix such problems.

Herbalism knows the value of the texture, feel, and taste of medicine.

Holistic pharmacists don’t have to follow doctors’ prescriptions and insurance-covered medications. Some such pharmacists have their own business websites and online followers. They even teach local and online courses.

The future of the online pharmacy is now.

No Drugs

Western medicine is being questioned now more than ever before. Holistic pharmacies have risen as a scientifically-backed alternative. As they become more mainstream, more doctors and pharmacies will have to adapt to the rising tide.

Holistic medicine has already helped the many who have already adopted it. It can help you too. Stay ahead of other medical trends by skipping over to the site’s Health section.