What Are The Camera accessories You Must Have?

Rohan Mathew

 Do you want to buy a camera but do not know the cheap camera accessories? Worry not here  recommending all the needful accessories a camera owner must get their hands. There is a wide range of accessories related to the camera and have many brands that sell these pieces of equipment. There are camera accessories tripod, fast prime lens, Tripod, remote shutter, polarizing filter, spare batteries, memory cards, memory card reader, camera necks, shoulder or waist strap, camera bag, and more. Let us read and discuss all of them in brief down below: 

Fast Prime Lens

You own the camera. You had the standard kit of a lens. It is very likely to want to purchase more lenses to increase the quality of photographs in your career. There is a wide variety of lenses available in the market. It becomes challenging to choose one of your preferences at low prices. However, many professional photographers will suggest you get a fast prime lens in the beginning.

A prime lens is that it does not allow any zoom function for you to have a fixed focal length. In the front, this will be a limitation to the photographer, which might would not be supportive. This prime lens is better than the zooming lens, which means sharper images, less weight, and less to go wrong. The fast in the name refers to it has a large maximum aperture size. 

This quality performs the click with less time and more lightning. You can go on shutter speeds in the low light that will result in sharper images and well-exposed results. 


Tripod is essential for any photography; it holds the camera in place to reduce the camera’s movement during photography or videographer. Videographer mostly requires a tripod to be in use because it requires no or less activity in the process of capturing some videos, most likely makeup videos, wedding videos, and more. One needs  good photography cameras to get more quailed photographs. It supports low light photography, landscape photography, and more exposed pictures for better results.

It is instrumental in getting sequence shots like your object moves by the scene and get captured them several times to get that moment captured in-camera. Tripod works as a “third-hand” white graphing. You want to capture your picture. You can set the timer by adjusting your camera on a tripod and click the best shot with the help of a newly invented third-hand of yours. It would be best if you had the camera accessories tripod for more convenience at work.

Memory Cards

An updated version of cameras come with a memory card installed in it but have minimal capacity to hold data. So for that reason, you need a memory card in your camera. While getting a new memory card, you have to identify a few things like card speed, the card’s capacity, and more. The most common card is SD, which is a secure digital card out of many handfuls and digital formats, founds of cards. May some cameras of older versions have less common of compact flash that refers to CF, and identities are starting to leave these formats.

Next main thing to keep in mind while getting a card is holding data without having any problems. Pictures clicked by the camera have higher pixels and are more significant. It is a little expensive to buy a giant memory card. Suggestions to buy two cards of 32GB instead of investing in one card of 64GB. It might well cost you more; however, the additional peace of mind will worth that. This might would not be included in the cheap camera accessories.

Camera waist, hand, or neck straps

You are a photographer; feel uncomfortable to hold your camera continuously in hand that makes you feel irritated while working. This inconvenience can differentiate your work. To make your work easy and convenient to keep your camera, you must have a camera strap. These straps are of 3 types hands, waist, or neck. It is up to you which one you prefer. I will also prevent your camera from any crack. In case you are holding your camera, and incidentally, it slips from your hand, but you have a camera strap in your hand; it will not fall. It will help you get under colossal loss.

The simple strap will leave your camera dangling down the camera in front. It can lead to bashing your camera into something that is a nuisance. If you are holding the longer mounted lens camera with a hand strap, you will hit it in something. That is the reason to use an appropriate strap. The most preferred belt is the shoulder strap. It will make it easy to hold the camera with ease and convenience without any mishappening.

Camera bag

The camera will help prevent your expensive investment from any misadventure; it is essential to have a camera bag if you have a camera. Make sure to purchase the right camera bag in starting. You do not have any compulsion to invest in an expensive one. You can go for the cheap camera accessories. More affordable camera bags will do the same thing for your camera. Carrying the camera in a camera bag will make it convenient to hold the camera in traveling without facing any bashing. You can buy the camera bag easily from any camera shop offline or can check many online sites.

The Final Words

Above, we read necessary camera accessories you should have if owning a camera that is an expensive shit. You do not want to bash your camera in something because you have invested a lot in that. It would help if you had the camera straps, and the shoulder camera is the most preferred strap for convenience. As in the new version of cameras, a memory card is already installed but has minimal capacity to hold the captures or data. You need to have a memory card to maintain your data if you are a photographer. The most common camera accessories tripod is essential to make the videos more stable and do your work with ease.