What Are The Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

Berry Mathew

What Are The Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

Ultimately, physical therapy helps you move easier, with greater flexibility and strength, without pain. Your physical therapist may help you recover from an injury or accident, or reduce the symptoms of a chronic condition. So, the physical benefits of physical therapy are pretty obvious. You move better, can do more, and feel less pain. 

But what about the mental health benefits of physical therapy? How do the hands-on manual therapy, targeted exercises, and other therapeutic measures go beyond pain relief to benefit mental health?

Physical Therapy Provides Hope 

Sitting around, waiting to get better is a drag. Time moves slowly, and it is hard to see improvements, even as your body heals. 

Injury Recovery 

A fall, car accident, or sports injury takes you out of your normal routine quickly! This rapid shift in activity level and engagement in your favourite activities makes it difficult to adjust. By actively being involved in physical therapy treatments, you rapidly see the reduction in pain and swelling, and your return to normal function. 

Chronic Conditions

Physical therapy helps with symptom reduction in chronic conditions, and often slows the progression of degenerative diseases. You turn back the clock and reclaim activities you did before, with less pain and more enjoyment. Physical therapy brings hope for the future for many chronic conditions. 

Strengthens Your Immune System

With greater flexibility and muscle strength, your body is better able to fight off viruses and infections. The regular movement and exercises programs, plus hands-on therapies build a foundation for your body to be less susceptible to many types of illnesses and pain.

Decreases Pain Quickly

Almost all physical therapy patients report that after just one treatment they start to feel better. With less pain, it is more likely your mental health improves, too!

Reduces the Risk of Future Injury

Not to belabor this whole hope and looking forward to the future thing, but if you have a recurring injury this makes a big difference. Whether you have a trick knee, a bad back, or a weak ankle, physical therapy makes the future injuries less likely. 

Professional Encouragement

Physical therapists are professional encouragers. They’ve watched many patient recoveries, so they know the rest of your story. When you get stuck in a painful chapter, your physical therapist reminds you of your goals. Their expertise and experience works to encourage you along your healing journey. 


A serious fall, accident, or chronic condition affects your physical health. But it also takes a toll on your mental health. You may worry about how long you’ll take to recover, if you’ll need surgery, wonder about your job and family, and being in pain is stressful. This stress frequently leads to depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

So, San Ramon CA physical therapy helps treat both your body and your mind for the most successful recovery possible. Our mind and body work together for healing, so your physical therapist is always aware of the connection between physical and mental health.

There are many more physical and mental health benefits of physical therapy. Make an appointment at Ironhorse PT (ironhorsept.com) in San Ramon, CA, to learn more.