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Nothing is as disappointing as a boiler breaking down on a very cold day. Unfortunately, this is a scenario most homeowners face because they fail to service their boilers at the appropriate time. 

Boiler service in London includes a series of tests carried out by a knowledgeable and certified engineer, to detect defects that could reduce the effectiveness of a boiler. This practice helps to keep a boiler in check.

Boiler service elongates the lifespan of a boiler. Most manufacturers instruct users to service boilers at least once a year. It is better to adhere to the instructions than to start seeking a solution when a boiler develops a major fault.

Is A Boiler Service necessary?

Yes, boiler service is as crucial as a regular medical check-up. When a boiler is routinely serviced by Gas Safe registered engineers in London like gasboilerandheatingrepair.co.uk, the following happens.

It Works perfectly

Having a boiler serviced regularly ensures that it continues to work perfectly. 

Prevention of Danger in the Home

A defective boiler leaks carbon monoxide, a very poisonous gas. When inhaled, it mixes with the haemoglobin in the red blood cells of the human body, reducing the ability of blood to transport oxygen to vital organs in the body. 

This could cause serious damage to the body system. 

Protection of a Boiler’s Warranty

Every boiler comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. A boiler’s warranty can only remain valid if the boiler is routinely serviced. 

Saves Cost

A routinely serviced boiler helps to prevent a major breakdown. A broken-down boiler incurs high expenses to get fixed or could mean a new boiler, if beyond repair. 

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What Happens at a Boiler Service?

The following activities take place at a boiler service.

Inviting an Engineer

A boiler service can only begin when a knowledgeable and certified Engineer is invited to the home where his service is needed.

Visual Check

Every boiler service begins with a visual check. The Engineer will check the working condition of the boiler and every necessary thing. The following are always checked, to be sure that they are in perfect condition. 

  • Electrical connections
  • Water and gas pipework
  • Gas and pressure flow
  • The flue gases
  • Condensate trap and pipe
  • The seals

If any sign of damage is noticed in the boiler, the Engineer will guide the user on the necessary measures to take. 

Testing of operation and control

A boiler comes with a number of controls. A professional Engineer must inspect all the boiler’s controls to be sure they’re working perfectly. 

Thorough cleaning, if necessary

The Engineer will carefully take off and thoroughly check the boiler’s major components to be certain that they have no visible faults. If need be, these components would be gently cleaned. 

Further Checks

During a boiler service operation, there is always so much to check. Other checks include; 

  • The location of the boiler and any inflammable material that may be close by.
  • Adequate ventilation
  • The gas valve and other valves
  • The Filters
  • Flame sense devices and their working condition.

Record the information

After tons of checks and scrutinies, the Engineer must take note of every observation by making a record. The record will be given to the homeowner who will keep it for future purposes. 

Good for usage

After a boiler service, the Engineer will ensure that the boiler is in perfect condition for further usage. If otherwise, the homeowner will be informed and the necessary measures to take to repair it. 

Every other thing about a boiler service

Does a boiler service take long?

Boiler service doesn’t take time. In sixty minutes, every needed thing will be done. However, this is dependent on the type of boiler.  

A combined boiler takes not more than 35 minutes to get serviced. Whereas a regular boiler may take about 90 minutes or more to get serviced. System boilers, on the other hand, may get completely serviced within sixty minutes. 

How much does a boiler service cost?

A yearly boiler service costs between 55 pounds and 100 pounds. However, the cost may vary depending on the following factors.

  • Type of boiler
  • Location of the homeowner and also the boiler within the house.
  • Boiler’s Manufacturer
  • The Engineer’s charging fee

Is Summer a good time to get boiler service?

Yes, summer is the easiest time to carry out boiler service. Unfortunately, it is a usual practice by most homeowners to pay little or no attention to a boiler during the sunny season of the year, and this may cause problems when the need for a boiler arises. 

Also, boiler service is cheaper during summer because the engineers are not so busy. If you would need a boiler service, it is advisable to get it done during the sunny season of the year. 

Should a boiler be turned off before service?

Before a boiler service takes place, the boiler must be turned off for at least forty minutes. This will allow the boiler to cool down before the servicing begins. 

If a boiler isn’t turned off before servicing, the engineer will have to wait for it to cool before he commences work. That’s such a waste of time! 

Is boiler service worth it?

Yes, it does. Getting a boiler serviced at the appropriate time keeps your mind free from worries. 

How do I know that my boiler is due for service?

When the following signs are noticed in a boiler, it should be serviced without delay.

  • The pilot light is malfunctioning
  • Unusual noise from the boiler when in use
  • Bizarre smell 
  • The boiler is malfunctioning
  • The boiler is over a year it’s been serviced

Wrapping Up

The importance of a boiler service cannot be underemphasized. A boiler service begins when a certified and knowledgeable engineer is called upon. 

When the Engineer arrives, he starts by checking every crucial component of the boiler and cleans any of them that requires cleaning. 

You must make sure that a detailed record is handed over to you at the end of the boiler service. Do not hesitate to ask the necessary questions from the Engineer after your boiler has been serviced. 

Make sure that you get a detailed explanation from the Engineer on any repair that your boiler may be needing.