What are today’s memory care options?

Rohan Mathew

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When caring for a dementia patient, you need to understand that you cannot take one size fits all policy. Every patient’s situation is different, and the family situation is also different. So you have to devise a plan to give care to the patient to enable a speedy recovery process. Suppose you want to decide a care pattern for the memory disorder person, you have to work upon it practically. To ensure that the patient does not suffer due to your carelessness, you have to chalk out a good plan to ensure that they are always under proper medical guidance.

There are various options that you can explore in terms of a memory care facility

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Opting for a Daycare facility

It is indispensable that patients have memory disorders participate in social activities to encourage them to think positively about life. However, your main aim is to make them participate in social activities and a safe environment. You cannot compromise on safety to make them social. These memory care facilities provide various services to the patient and also to the caregiver. You should not feel guilty in sending your loved one to a memory care facility because you need some time for yourself to deal with your limits. If you over exhaust yourself, then you cannot take care of the patient. You have to cater to your own emotional and physical needs to give a loved one proper attention. Many mental care facilities provide counseling and health care services to ensure that they are under appropriate medical guidance.

You can even send your loved one to a medical care facility that gives a culturally specific menu. The main idea is to ensure that the patient gets proper nutrition and diet to speed up recovery. They must also give attention to the personal care of the patient. In some facilities, they encouraged patients to engage in various activities to improve their memory. It is indispensable to teach behavior management activities to ensure that they correct their speech or overcome hallucinations or any sexual disorder. Some centers also provide therapies to ensure that the unique needs of every patient get treated.

Opting for a residential memory care facility

Some patients crave for the community living environment to overcome their memory disorder. As such, you have to give them proper medical attention in a facility that has a residential setting. A residential mental care facility is just like any other medical facility, but it has a homelike or residential environment. You may even opt for an assisted living facility, which fills the gap between living independently and living in a medical facility. It is a combination of medical care clubbed with a conducive housing environment that caters to the patient’s medical and emotional needs. However, all assisted medical facilities do not allow dementia patients, so you have to find an appropriate facility that gives customized medical care to memory disorder patients.

Many assisted memory care facilities have nurses to take care of the patient’s nutrition, recreation, spiritual training, and medical needs. However, it would help if you went for a medical care facility with a license to ensure that you get professional attention. The directory of memory care facilities pointed out that you must not feel guilty about sending your loved one to a memory care facility because there comes a time when a patient of dementia needs more care than they get at home. Alzheimer’s or dementia patients need round-the-clock attention and care, which becomes very difficult for the caregiver.

As the condition worsens, they need more intensive care. It becomes very exhausting for the caregiver to be available all the time. You might feel it is a callous decision to send your loved one to her medical care facility, but you must know that at times it is necessary so that they could recover quickly. However, you must ensure that the memory care facility is reputed and have skilled working professionals under them. You can say that transferring them into a memory care facility might be stressful for both the patient and the caregiver, but it is for their benefit.

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Many families have accepted that it is indispensable that you gather as much information as possible about the medical facility before you send your loved one. You can even explore online platforms for feedback and referrals.

You must ensure that they get the superior quality care that is the kind of care you are unable to provide to them. The patient should not be deprived of medical care as it might prove fatal.

It is not going to be easy for you to leave your loved one to memory care facilities in California, so you can also continuously be in touch with a medical care professional to know minute details about the health condition. As you remain in close contact, you will learn to determine whether they timely administer the person’s medical and emotional needs.