What is a PRD document?

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In this article, we learn about What is a PRD document?

Product requirements document is a document written by a company. It defines the product they make. It may show requirements for any new feature of an existing product. First is made the MRD. It goes for approval by management. Then PRD is done. Its main aim is to allow people in the company to understand the characteristics of the product. It’s written for software products. Also it can be used for other types of products. But before specialists carry out requirements analysis.

The PRD highlights the problems that the product needs to solve. At the same there should not be technical solution to those problems. As a result, engineers can leverage their expertise and find an optimal solution.

Sample prd is used to carry out the task properly.

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What the PRD consists of?

Typical components of a product requirements document (PRD) consist of information about author and title with all described technical and business purposes. Also there must be proper identification and detailed product overview. This task must be carried out by professionals.

Assessment plan and performance metrics

Not every prd template has all of these components, as can be seen from prd example. In case of other types of products can be significant changes. It can be manufacturing requirements.

Why do you need to record requirements?

When creating a computer program that must perform many actions. You cannot do them without the development of a document describing the requirements. If the developers do not receive a complete and clear description of what the program should do, then the result will not please the customer. The developers are not clairvoyant and will only do what is described in the requirements. Some developers can add something of their own to the program, but the customer does not necessarily need it. If the requirements do not say that the program should save the data created in it to a file, then later you will be unpleasantly surprised. After closing the program, the results of work would be lost. In the document must be all the characteristics and all the functions that the program should perform. You should not think that things that are obvious to you will also be obvious to other people.

In addition to the fact that the document sent to the developers must describe all the functions of the program. They must be described clearly and not ambiguously. The wording and terms used should be interpreted in the same way by all participants in the work on the program. It is good practice to include the terms used in the vocabulary requirements document.

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Where is it used

Correctly formulated and documented requirements are necessary for all participants in a software development project:

  • developers need requirements to implement all the functions that the customer expects to see in the product;
  • testers will use requirements to verify that a program is doing exactly what it is supposed to do;
  • technical writers will use the requirements;
  • labor intensity, terms, and cost of development will be determined based on the requirements.

It briefly outlines the importance of documenting requirements in software development, but it is also needed in the design of machines, electronics, buildings, and structures, planning the acquisition of complex and expensive products, and many other activities.

A custom requirement is the simplest type of requirement record. It is a short description of a function or characteristic of a system, written in a language that the consumer can understand. Often this type of requirement is sufficient for a project. For example, when planning the acquisition of a computer system, it is necessary to make a list of the functions that the system should implement, with their brief description. This list is used to check which systems on the market will suit the customer.